NiZn-Cote parts

Outstanding performance

We developed NiZn-Cote® and NiZn-Cote® Plus to deliver outstanding performance features. Our optimised electroplating process ensures excellent corrosion resistance. Resistance levels are higher than those of a galvanised coating at equivalent plating thickness. NiZn-Cote Plus is additionally coated with a polymer layer – helping you to reduce processing steps. Both products offer:

  • excellent paintability

  • consistent formability

  • deep drawing properties

For added benefits, we can customise our products to meet your exact processing and end-product requirements.


Main benefits of NiZn-Cote and NiZn-Cote Plus include:

  • end-products of consistent and reliable quality

  • improved end-product performance

  • trouble-free, repeatable processing

  • minimised waste

  • opportunities to reduce processing steps

  • opportunities for cost savings

Substrate tailored to your demand

Tata Steel Plating has proven expertise in the production of cold-rolled steel products and electroplating. We exercise stringent control of substrate and base metal properties. Our rolling, annealing and production capabilities allow us to combine the necessary substrate attributes with plating options for a product that will meet or exceed your expectations.

Substrates include:

  • low carbon steel

  • *high-strength steel (including HSLA)

  • *stainless steel

* Combined with plating, these substrates serve as an alternative to many stainless steels as well as high-performance copper-based alloys.  Please contact us for grade availability.


Delivery conditions 
Delivery conditions 

Delivery condition

Available temper

Thickness range

Plating thickness

Width range








LC, C290, C340, C390, C440, C490, C590, C690

1T (full hard), 2T, 3T, 4T, 5T

0.100 – 1.700

0.004 – 0.070

0.5 – 5.0

20 – 200

12 – 724

0.5 – 28.5

Surface appearance

Natural finish
Roughness from smooth to heavy matte
Planished finish