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Cold-rolled annealing line, Port Talbot, UK
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This section of the catalogue shows the grades of cold-rolled steel offered by Tata Steel. These include grades for forming, high-strength steels and advanced and ultra high-strength steels.

Supply – product conditions

We supply cold-rolled steel in the following conditions:

  • annealed and skin-passed
  • full hard
  • sheets, discs and slit wide coil

Tata Steel produces cold-rolled and annealed strip by either the
continuously-annealed (CA) or batch-annealed (BA) processes.


Surface aspects
Surface quality

Surface quality A

Defects that do not influence the formability or the application of surface coatings are permitted. They are defects such as pores, minor scratches, slight indentations, small grooves or slight discolouration. 

Surface quality B

The better side must be free of defects that can spoil the uniform appearance of a high-quality paint or of an electrolytic coating. The other side must at least conform to surface quality A. Not all combinations of thickness and width are available in surface quality B. Please contact us for details. 

Inspected side

As a rule, the upper side of the strip is inspected; on request, the strip can be wound so that the inspected side is the underside.

Surface texture/roughness

Cold-rolled annealed and skin-passed steel is available in several surface textures. Unless specified otherwise, Tata Steel will supply normal roughness. The table below shows the range of surface textures according to EN 10130:2006.



Roughness Ra (µm)

EN 10130: 2006 Grade


cut off 0.8 mm

extra-bright 1


≤ 0.3



≤ 0.4



≤ 0.9



0.6 - 1.9



> 1.6

extra rough 1


> 2.5

1. Not in EN 10130:2006 - Tata Steel’s own specification.
Other surface textures are available to meet your requirements - please contact us for details

Preservative oil

The standard oil applied by Tata Steel acts as a protective coating. Other types of oil may be available to meet your requirement.
Tata Steel offers a range of oiling levels from 0.25 - 1.7 g/m2 per side.
Other oiling levels are available on request. Tata Steel is not responsible for the risk of corrosion during storage or shipment if material is ordered in the un-oiled condition.

Surface cleanliness

Tata Steel can guarantee improved surface cleanliness on request for batch-annealed products. The cleanliness is tested with a tape test, in which the loss of reflection is measured. The reflection gives an indication of the oil residue on the annealed product. Two levels of loss of reflectivity are available for batch annealed products: a maximum of 20% or a maximum of 30%. Continuously-annealed products typically exhibit a loss of reflection up to around 10%.


Cold-rolled product families

Steel for forming

EN-Automotive-Product-Cold-rolled-Forming TSE

Steel for forming

Cold-rolled steel for cold forming and deep drawing is available in a range of grades. Each grade is designed for particular applications – allowing you to pick the best steel for your product.

Our forming steel is available in a choice of widths up to 2050mm and thicknesses up to 3 mm. This provides opportunities for cutting waste and maximising yield. These products are made using one of two process routes:
continuous annealing (CA)
batch annealing (BA)

Cold-rolled coil
Cold-rolled annealing line, Port Talbot, UK
High-strength steel

EN-Automotive-Product-Cold-rolled-HSS TSE

High-strength steel

Tata Steel offers a range of cold-rolled steels for applications requiring high strength without the weight penalty.

The range comprises micro-alloyed, rephosphorised and carbon manganese high-strength steels in cold-rolled uncoated condition.

These steels are ideal for strong, thin-gauge products.

Cold-rolled coil
Cold-rolled annealing line, Port Talbot, UK

EN-Product-Cold-rolled-AHSS TSE


Our cold-rolled dual phase and hot forming grades include advanced (AHSS) and ultra high-strength steels (UHSS)

Originally developed for the demanding automotive market, they also meet a variety of performance and processing requirements for other advanced applications.

Our advanced and ultra high-strength cold-rolled steels DP600, DP800 and 22MnB5 are lightweight and enable design freedom for complex body in white (BIW) parts.

Cold-rolled profile
Cold-rolled annealing line, Port Talbot, UK