Component inspection on a part made using HyperForm metallic coated steel
Metallic coated
Multiple benefits

    You can choose from a range of metallic coatings including Tata Steel’s innovative MagiZinc Auto coating. MagiZinc Auto delivers an improved press performance for complex shaped, deep drawn parts and improved corrosion resistance. It allows a reduction in coating weight of up to 50% compared to conventional zinc coatings.

    The main benefits of our metallic coated steel include:

    • consistent and reliable end product quality
    • proven corrosion resistance for extended product life
    • opportunities to produce stronger, lighter products
    • repeatable, trouble-free processing
    • maximised yield


    Applications for our metallic coated steel are:

    Metallic coated

    Metallic coated product families

    Steel for forming

    EN-Automotive-Product-Metallic coated-Forming

    Steel for forming

    Our cold-rolled forming steels are available in a wide range of grades and corrosion-resistant coatings.

    Each grade is designed for specific applications and comes with a choice of surface quality. Extensive dimensional choice provides opportunities for cutting waste and maximising yield.

    MagiZinc® improves corrosion resistance with half the thickness of conventional zinc coatings, increasing yield, reducing cost and facilitating stronger, lighter products. It offers improved automotive corrosion protection and higher process efficiency.

    Tata Steel hot dip galvanizing line in IJmuiden
    High-strength steel

    EN-Automotive-Product-Metallic Coated-HSS

    High-strength steel

    Our range of metallic coated high-strength steels includes micro-alloyed, phosphorus-alloyed and bake-hardening grades. Available with various corrosion-resistant coatings, they are ideal for applications requiring strength without a weight penalty. MagiZinc® Auto coatings optimise weight savings. Serica FLO® is our premium surface finish applied to hot-dip galvanised grades for exposed automotive panels.

    Machinery in the metallic coated blanking line
    Advanced and Ultra High-Strength Steel (AHSS/UHSS)

    EN-Automotive-Product-Metallic Coated-AHSS UHSS

    Advanced and ultra high-strength steel (AHSS/UHSS)

    Dual-phase steels combine high yield strength with good ductility – ensuring excellent fatigue properties and energy absorption.

    Our ultra-high strength steel grades for automotive applications, such as HyperForm®, are lightweight and offer design freedom for complex parts. Their high yield and ductility ensure shape accuracy and tolerancing, which enable maintained in-service performance for difficult-to-form parts.

    Automotive components made using metallic coated steel.