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  • BES 6001 certification matters

    What is the innovative concept?

    Introducing BES 6001 – an independent responsible sourcing certification which accounts for both our supply chains and operations, from raw materials to final steel product. Our entire UK steel construction portfolio is certified to the exceptional standards that BES 6001 entails and remains the most comprehensive portfolio of responsibly sourced products from one steel company globally, exemplifying its innovative nature.

    Our product portfolio is certified to BES 6001 at the second highest ‘very good’ category. This portfolio, which includes products such as pre-finished steel, structural hollow sections, and insulated panels, sells regionally and globally. We are currently expanding this leading certification to our mainland European sites.

    What is different about this innovative concept?

    Implementing the innovative BES 6001 certification across our construction sector means that our products align with our company values – in this context, to act ethically and responsibly with the highest levels of integrity, and our need to make a positive contribution to society and our stakeholders. Environmental and social sustainability are increasingly important variables due to the pressures on global resources with a growing population and a depleting resource base. This has particular focus for significant energy and resource users and those with significant emissions such as CO2.

    Tata Steel and the wider steel industry come under that category, and therefore it is our duty to exemplify a responsible ethos in our actions and operations. The leading BES 6001 certification assists in both the measuring of that work, and the ‘very good’ categorisation demonstrates the work and effort of our company in this regard. The exciting innovative concept is pioneering change throughout our great company, setting the tone for a sustainable future.

    How will this innovative concept make a difference to an end user / customers?

    Today both our clients and our stakeholders need to be confident that an ethical and responsible approach is being taken by our company in our procurement and operations. In an age when organisations need to ensure that their supply chains are operating responsibly and that their brands are protected, the innovative BES 6001 certification provides peace of mind for both our customers and stakeholders. The leading certification provides a route to obtaining credits under various building certification schemes which are important to our clients and therefore enable us to contribute to our clients sustainability efforts and their asset differentiation.

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    Our products with BES 6001 certification

    In 2010 Tata Steel became the first steel sector operation to achieve certification to the UK Building Research Establishment sustainability standard, BES 6001 for its Colorcoat® products. This was followed in 2014 by certification for all UK manufactured steel construction products, with a rating of ‘Very Good’, making Tata Steel the largest company to acquire the BRE responsible sourcing standard BES 6001.

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