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  • Colorcoat® Compass

    1. What is the innovative concept?

    Colorcoat® Compass is a unique and revolutionary innovative digital system which operates alongside a specially developed colour measuring instrument. It gives a detailed colour scan which allows customers to choose the desired shade for a pre-finished steel roofing or wall cladding project. The system provides detailed information on each colour that is scanned, and matches it up with the colours offered in Tata Steel’s vast Colorcoat HPS200 Ultra® and Colorcoat Prisma® ranges. Launched in 2016, Colorcoat® Compass, has equipped our UK and European business development team - as well as our supply chain partner teams - with a device that allows our customers enhanced creativity and expanded choice.

    2. What is different about this innovative concept?

    It is not a case of difference with this innovation - Colorcoat® Compass is the first system of its kind in the European building envelope market. The innovative system offers our customers the opportunity to take control over their colour inspirations – almost any object can be scanned and the colour can be matched within seconds. Whether that be building cladding to match corporate colour palettes or roofing on stadia to match a football club’s kit, Colorcoat® Compass allows project teams to specify colours knowing Tata Steel can deliver.

    The market leading system features an additionally useful advanced RAL colour matching function that exemplifies the customer focused nature of the concept, as it provides the user with complementary colours that are suggested by leading colour experts – maximising the prospect of building projects being unique and distinctive.

    Throughout the process, customers receive a tailored service that ensures delivery of their ultimate colour aspiration with unparalleled speed and clarity from our Colorcoat® representatives. Metal hand samples of all our colours can be ordered directly from our innovative Colorcoat® Compass system in an incredible three seconds.

    3. How will this innovative concept make a difference to an end user / customers?

    Our unique Colorcoat® Compass system provides architects and building owners with all the information they need on colour availability and guarantee duration all in one place. Enabling them to make quick decisions on the right choice for their project whether colour, guarantee length or product availability is the main deciding factor. If any further advice is required our highly able and experienced representatives are on hand to help. Our innovative system firmly places the customer back in control to make informed colour decisions to suit a corporate client’s needs or even local planning requirements.
    Currently, the innovative Colorcoat® Compass system has been well received into the market, and is available now via our building envelope representatives and key supply chain partners.

    Almost any object can be scanned and the colour matched within seconds. The digital colour system provides detailed information on each colour to show whether there is an exact match within the standard Colorcoat HPS200 Ultra® and Colorcoat Prisma® colour ranges, or a previously matched colour through the bespoke Repertoire® colour selection.

    Colorcoat® Compass - An innovative colour navigation system

    Helping designers make an informed colour choice for their pre-finished steel building envelope within minutes..

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