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  • Timeline

    5th test: 6 month sustained campaign

    The fifth HIsarna test takes place in 2017. In preparation for this campaign, the installation has seen a significant overhaul. A completely new off-gas duct has been installed, increasing the height of the plant by more than 10 metres (highest point: 37 metres). Next to the pilot plant a complete coal grinding and a drying and screening facility for ore and lime have been constructed. Closed conveyor belts have been installed to transport the raw materials from the storage facility to the installation injection points. The raw materials storage capacity has been doubled. On top of that a gas analysis lab has been added and the electronic monitoring system has been completely reprogrammed.

    4th test: sustained production

    Fourth test HIsarna: 13 May - 29 June 2014. Objective: sustained, stable  production during several days on end and tests of various kinds of raw materials. Objective was met. 

    3rd test: HIsarna steel

    Third test HIsarna: 28 May - 28 June 2013. Objective: producing liquid iron for sustained periods and running tests with various kinds of raw materials. Objective was met. For the first time ever steel was made from HIsarna liquid iron. 

    2nd test: stable process Second test campaign HIsarna

    17 October - 4 December 2012. Objective: producing liquid iron for a longer, sustained period. Objective was met. Production at 80% of design capacity for periods of 8 to 12 hours. In the last run full design capacity of 8 tonnes per hour was reached. 

    1st test: theory into practice

    The first HIsarna test campaign: April - June 2011. Objective: showing that theory works in practice, i.e. producing liquid iron without preprocessing of raw materials. Objective achieved. First successful tap of liquid iron: 20 May 2011.