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    R&D governance
    The major part of the R&D programme for Tata Steel is aimed at developments and improvements to the steelmaking process or to meet the needs of major market sectors. These programmes are developed and optimised by Global Expert Committees (GECs) consisting of experts from R&D and businesses. Six GECs cover the various process stages: (1) raw materials, (2) ironmaking, (3) steelmaking & casting, (4) mills processes, (5) coating and (6) energy & environment. Four GECs cover different market sectors: (7) automotive; (8) construction; (9) consumer goods, packaging and others; (10) other transport, material handling & energy; another GEC (11) covers the generic wire and rod market. The work of the GECs is supervised by a Global R&D Board chaired by H M Nerurkar who is responsible for R&D at Executive level.

    Research efforts needed for Tata Steel Group to retain a leading position in the long term are carried out within the so-called thrust area projects. Targets for the thrust areas are set by the Global R&D Board which also monitors progress.

    R&D Resources
    In Europe, Research & Development has several research departments each divided in to three to eight knowledge groups. Each group covers a specific area of expertise, together these groups form the core of the research organisation. The departments are grouped into two resource areas:

    • Process Technology & Research
    • Product Technology & Applications.