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  • Process Technology & Research

    Process Technology & Research is organised into a number of specific areas.

    These are:


    Charter of the Iron Making department:

    The development of new or improved processes for the production of high quality hot metal at low costs, including the environmental and recycling aspects of the core processes of ironmaking.
    The engineering of thermo-mechanical properties of refractories applied in the process chain in Tata Steel.

    Knowlegde Groups:
    - Blast Furnace Development & Alternative Ironmaking
    - Ferrous Materials
    - Coal & Coke 
    - Materials Engineering & Mathematical Modelling

    For further information, please contact: Tim.Peeters@tatasteeleurope.com


    Charter of the Longs Rolling & Engineering department:

    To develop and apply the latest technologies for reheating, rolling and finishing of Tata Steel Long products.
    To optimise product quality and process consistency (of the whole supply chain), via improved process knowledge, control, engineering standards, measurement and application.

    Knowledge Groups:
    Deformation, Mechanics & Engineering
    - Reheating & Thermal Transfer
    - Measurement, Control & Automation
    - Process Optimisation & Design

    For further information, please contact: Jochem.Groot@tatasteeleurope.com


    Charter of the Strip Rolling & Control department:

    "Developing tomorrow’s flat rolling today"

    To develop technologies for the entire process chain of flat rolling and finishing with highly skilled and motivated researchers to ensure that Tata Steel can deliver products at top quality with world-class conversion costs.

    Knowledge Groups:
    Thermal Processes
    - Deformation & Mechanics
    - Surface Conditioning & Interactions
    - Process & Product Measurements

    For further information, please contact: Jochem.Groot@tatasteeleurope.com


    Charter of the Steelmaking & Casting department:
    The development of new or improved processes, process routes and technology for the safe and timely production of high quality, low cost cast product

    Knowledge Groups:
    Steelmaking Process Metallurgy
    - Casting, Solidification & Metallurgy
    - Process Simulation & Design
    - Advanced Steel Processing
    - Process Modelling & Casting Metallurgy 

    For further information, please contact: Tim.Peeters@tatasteeleurope.com