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    With tough deadlines for achieving zero carbon buildings there is increased pressure to build more sustainable solutions. We combine market leading product performance and quality with unrivalled technical support. By collaborating with our customers we are able to provide more sustainable products, systems and design solutions.

    Tata Steel offers customers a wide range of components and systems for building envelope, structural and fit-out applications.

    Over the last 40 years, people are using steel much more in the buildings they create, and it is now established as the material of choice for many construction projects. There are a number of reasons for this shift.

    For the most part, steel’s popularity derives from its:

    • strength and versatility
    • high aesthetic potential
    • ability to work well with other materials
    • excellent environmental performance, offering high recyclability and reuse potential
    • ability to be prefabricated offsite and constructed quickly and accurately onsite
    • excellent durability and performance in use

    Our involvement in the construction market stretches from basic research and materials through to new product development and even consultancy and support.

    For further information, please visit our dedicated construction website.

    Tata Steel in Construction

    Visit the dedicated website for Tata Steel's activities in the construction industry

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