27 May 2022

Tata Steel launches new generation of fire-safe guaranteed façade systems

Tata Steel has launched a new rainscreen façade system designed to meet the post-Grenfell tragedy demand for non-combustible and limited combustible products.

The new range called Trisobuild® facade is backed with the 25 year Platinum® Plus system guarantee.


The Trisobuild® façade range, including our Trisobuild® Tailored, Trisobuild® Linear Plank and Trisobuild® Seam systems, offer innovative non-combustible rainscreen options that are eye-catching and unique. Trisobuild® Tailored profiles are bespoke to each project and come in various shapes such as tapered, castellated and louvred to offer unparalleled creative freedom for modern and contemporary buildings; Trisobuild® Linear Plank offers an attractive and flexible alternative to cassette rainscreens and is available in variable widths; and Trisobuild® Seam is a long strip standing seam façade system that provides an aesthetic alternative to traditional hard metal systems.

Find out about our LPCB and FM fire testing approvals here.

Tata Steel Trisobuild wall profile seismic

Available only in the Colocoat Prisma® pre-finished steel, all our profiles are designed to work as part of a façade system so as not to compromise the systems integrity, ensuring the fire performance of the cladding systems they are used in. Covered by the Confidex® Guarantee, Colorcoat Prisma® also provides a wide range of contemporary colour and finish options.

Jonathan Arnold, Product Development and Technical Services Manager at Tata Steel’s Building Systems UK, said: ”Since Grenfell all cladding products for medium and high rise buildings must be limited or non-combustible. The Trisobuild® range is designed to be used on both new and refurbishment projects, so building owners can easily upgrade their façades to something that not only looks good and can be obtained in a wide range of profiles and colours, but delivers peace of mind.

“The Trisobuild® range increases the aesthetic options available for building designs. Our new products are an alternative to a flat faced façade, they come in a wide range of profiles as well as colours, allowing architects more scope to express a vision for a building, as well as a bespoke service.”

Key markets will include hospitals, schools, medium and high rise residential and modular buildings.

The range includes three types of façade:

Trisobuild® Tailored Profiles

Trisobuild® Tailored Profiles are a bespoke set of new steel profiles which have been developed to create striking geometry and to challenge the concept of traditional façades in the UK. The exciting new profile shapes offer unparalleled creative freedom for building modern and contemporary looking structures that will provide truly unique and inspiring building façades.

Available in tapered plank, castellated and louvred profiles.

Trisobuild tailored prrofiles from Tata Steel

Trisobuild® Linear Plank

Versatile and cost-effective Trisobuild® Linear Plank is a concealed fix façade plank system with variable widths up to 500mm. They are available in two profiles – micro-rib and flat.

Trisobuild® Linear Plank systems were originally developed to provide an economic alternative to more sophisticated rainscreen systems, whilst continuing to offer an attractive and flexible façade option. Trisobuild® Linear Plank has been designed to allow freedom in orientation, flexibility in cover width, and the ability to include a variety of widths within the same façade.

Trisobuild linear profile from Tata Steel

Trisobuild® Seam

Trisobuild® Seam is a long strip standing seam façade system which provides an aesthetic alternative to traditional hard metal systems.

Fully supported standing seam cladding systems are typically supported by and fixed back to continuous plywood or OSB backing boards which would provide little performance in a fire scenario and could not be utilised above 18m. In the Trisobuild® Seam façade system these combustible backing boards are replaced by a non-combustible Trisobuild® D32S steel profile, which is directly affixed to the ‘helping hand’ bracket and rail system.

Trisobuild seam profile from Tata Steel
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