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  • Ground mount for solar power generation

    The dynamic growth in solar power generation needs to be supported by systems which are durable, secure, easy to install and cost effective. Tata Steel has developed a solar ground mount system to generate energy from solar radiation using photo-voltaic cells.


    • Designed and manufactured by Tata Steel to give customers an enhanced product with the assurance of superior quality.
    • Tailored to customer specific requirements because different sites have different requirements.
    • Cost saving through minimising number of piles to add value to the customer.
    • Allows for greater tolerances and ease of installation to ensure successful installation and longevity of project.
    • Full traceability of supply to ensure the highest standard of material.
    • Performance guarantee of up to 25 years ensuring return on investment for the customer.

    Tailored System

    As each project is unique, a dedicated team of design specialists tailors the system to meet the client’s requirements. This maximises the energy output, resulting in increased revenue for the client.

    Supporting different panels

    The system can be tailored to accommodate range of panel sizes and layouts. The components are manufactured to a high degree of precision, and holes are pre-punched to ensure ease of fitment.