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  • 5th SCT 2017 - Steels in Cars and Trucks

    Tata Steel proudly co-hosted the Steels in Cars and Trucks 2017 conference and what an amazing success it has been. Steels in Cars and Trucks provides an ideal platform for sharing and learning between the participating industries. Lively discussions took place on the challenges being faced and the possible solutions to megatrends, digitalization, electric mobility, lightweight construction and emission reduction. Both the steel- and vehicle making industry conclude that steel is the material for now and for the future.



    Topic 1: Steel Components in Cars and Trucks
    Neal Wyman

    Presenter: Neal Wyman, Principal Engineer

    HR XPF800-UC - Lower control arm cost and weight reduction via use of HR-HSS

    The latest HR-HSS offer more than just high strength and excellent fatigue performance. Demanding components like lower control arms (LCA) also need formability with particularly high edge expansion capability in production. All these properties are needed to generate weight savings, leading to overall cost reductions...

    Laurent Berthou

    Presenter: Laurent Berthou, Business Development Manager Tubes Automotive

    Tubes for axles - Future tubes For axles

    For decades the tempered quenching process has been at the heart of many automotive steel applications. This process is still used extensively for steel plates and also for steel tubes. A twist beam or rear axel beam is a typical tubular automotive application made from a normalized HFI-welded tube...

    Robert Flipsen

    Presenter: Robert Flipsen, Manager CTS Automotive

    Tubes for shafts - HFI-welded tubes versus cold drawn tubes for automotive applications

    The choice of utilising either roll formed welded or seamless cold drawn tubes for automotive (and other) applications is partly based upon the required tolerances for outside and inside diameter and wall thickness...



    Topic 2: Manufacturing of Components
    Matthijs Toose

    Presenter: Matthijs Toose, Scientific Fellow Surface Technology

    Serica® - The role of steel in achieving excellent paint appearance

    In this presentation Tata Steel will review the basic physics of the paint process to explain the influences of the steel surface properties, the forming process and painting process on the final paint appearance...

    Chiel Dane

    Presenter: Chiel Dane, Principal Scientist

    Pre-Lube 2 - Advanced mill applied lubrication to enhance formability and to reduce tool pollution

    The steel industry in Europe is frequently requested by the automotive industry to supply trial coils with new types of mill applied lubricants. Pre-applied lubricants, so-called Prelubes, provide temporary corrosion protection and lubrication during press forming operations...

    Basjan Berkhout

    Presenter: Basjan Berkhout, Marketing Manager Body-in-White

    MagiZinc® Full Finish - Advanced zinc coatings for improved performance and press shop efficiency

    In recent years there is an increasing demand for safer, more fuel efficient and more durable vehicles while reducing cost of ownership. To meet these demands, a new generation of zinc-magnesium alloyed hot-dip galvanised steel has been developed...


    Ellen van der Aa

    Presenter: Dr. ir. Ellen van der Aa, Principal Researcher Joining Technology

    AHSS 3rd generation - Resistance spot weldability of 3rd generation advanced high strength steels for automotive applications

    This paper discusses several resistance spot welding challenges related to the newest generation enhanced ductility advanced high-strength steels and ultra high-strength steels...

    Eisso Atzema

    Presenter: Eisso Atzema, Principal Scientist Stamping Technology

    Steel - ASPECT-Modelling influence of temperature on sheet metal forming

    The ever increasing diversity of car models means individual press runs are getting shorter. As it takes a couple of hundred products to reach a steady state in sheet metal forming the reject rate during start-up phase has now become significant...


    Topic 3: New Steels
    Dave Hanlon

    Presenter: Dr. Dave Hanlon, Scientific Fellow Materials Design

    DH800 & DH1000 - DH steels, a new generation of hot-dip galvanised advanced high-strength steels

    The next generation of high and ultra high-strength steels are approaching commercialisation.  These steels are beginning to be captured in newly defined regional and customer specifications...

    Arjan Rijkenberg

    Presenter: Dr. Arjan Rijkenberg, Principal Researcher

    HR XPF800-UC & HR XPF1000-UC - Stretching strength and formability for increased performance and mass-savings in automotive chassis applications

    This paper highlights Tata Steel’s recent commercial development of HR XPF800-UC and – building on that – introduces the latest R&D development of HR XPF1000-UC...

    Chris Lahaije

    Presenter: Dr. Ir. Chris Lahaije, Manager Customer Technology

    Steel - Responsible solutions to the CO2 challenge

    Amongst other trends in the automotive industry, the challenge to meet legislation targets and realization of the CO2 reductions at an affordable cost structure has been and will be paramount. In this presentation this challenge will be discussed, technologies to achieve an affordable tailpipe emission reduction reviewed as well as the position of steel among other lightweight materials...

    Marga Zuijderwijk

    Presenter: Marga Zuijderwijk, Principal Researcher of zinc-coated (A)HSS

    HR CP800-GI - Development of zinc coated HR-(A)HSS via heat-to-coat process to enable further down gauging of chassis parts

    The hot-rolled CP800-GI and XPF800-UC products developed at Tata Steel combine high strength with good formability for relatively complex-shaped chassis components. Reducing the vehicle weight by using stronger steels is attractive for chassis parts, for example in light trucks...

    Patrick Kelder

    Presenter: Patrick Kelder, Marketing Strategy Manager Cogent Power

    Electrical Steels - Advanced electrical steels for electric motors of next generation EV/HEV applications

    In this paper, the author intends to provide an overview of the latest development in non-grain oriented electrical steels for EV/HEV application, developed by Tata Steel and its subsidiary Cogent Power...


    Topic 4: Modelling, Simulation and Testing
    Piet Kok

    Presenter: Piet Kok, Principal Scientist

    Steel - An integrated approach on microstructure, damage and texture modelling of modern steels

    Modern cars are constructed with many different automotive body parts. These parts vary enormously in shape and functionality. As a result a wide variety of, often conflicting, requirements are needed for strength, forming behavior, crash performance and fatigue for steel grades...

    Michael Abspoel

    Presenter: Michael Abspoel, Principal Researcher Stamping Technology

    Aurora - Vegter 2017: Easy to use advanced yield focus requiring only tensile test input

    Everybody wants to perform forming simulations with large accuracy. To achieve this, process parameters, tooling and material must be modeled accurately. Advanced material models have been developed in the recent years, but these material models require many dedicated tests to determine the necessary input...

    Jeroen van Beeck

    Presenter: Dr. ir. Jeroen van Beeck, Principal Researcher, Plasticity and Tribology

    Steel - Novel methods in tribomechanical modelling of automotive sheet steel forming

    In this paper, the historic origins of friction modelling, the current state-of-the-art of tribomechanical modelling and the future challenges facing the automotive industry are discussed...

    Michael Abspoel

    Presenter: Michael Abspoel, Principal Researcher Stamping Technology

    PHS - Constitutive behaviour under hot forming conditions

    Hot press forming is influenced by different process and material variables. Amongst these variables there is phase transformation, work hardening behaviour, friction, heat transfer from blank to tools and ambient, process conditions and many more. A better understanding and a correct measurement of process and material parameters will improve modelling and control of the hot forming process...

    Eisso Atzema

    Eisso Atzema, Principal Scientist Stamping Technology

    AHSS - Effect of zinc coating and time on edge ductility

    The stretching of sheared edges as occurs in many deep drawn parts for automotive applications presents a problem for the advanced high-strength steels, in particular DP, DH and TRIP grades...

    Koen Lammers

    Koen Lammers, Principal Researcher at Pilot Coating Manufacturing and Characterisation

    MagiZinc - IB/TEM analysis of hot-dip galvanised AlMgZn coatings for automotive steel applications

    Hot-dip galvanised (HDG) ZnMgAl coated steels are well established as the present commercially available state-of-the-art for automotive steel car parts. They are valued for their high corrosion resistance and excellent press shop performance, while still maintaining the good surface appearance typical HDG Zn (GI) coatings...

    Site tour at Tata Steel in IJmuiden and evening event

    A visit to our plant, including Hot Strip Mill, automotive Hot-dip Galvanising Line 3 and automotive R&D centre. Conference dinner at the Louwman car museum.

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