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  • Supplier Feedback

    Access assessment questionnaires and performance reports that Tata Steel requires its suppliers to complete.

    Environmental Assessment Report (UK)

    As part of Supplier Development, this environmental assessment report may need to be completed.

    Report a Concern 

    Tata Steel Europe is dedicated to maintaining the highest level of ethical standards and transparency in its dealings with its Suppliers. As such if you have any concerns or issues with our company or employees then we would urge you to bring them to our attention. If you feel you cannot raise these through your usual business contact or channels then you may do so using our Intouch Confidential Reporting System for Suppliers which is an independently run service where, if you wish to do so, your concerns can be raised anonymously.  

    Supplier Improvement Request Response

    Facility to respond to Supply-chain Improvement Requests initiated from Tata Steel.