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EN-Product-Cold-rolled-HSS-All Grades OverviewTSUK


Micro-alloyed grades

Micro-alloyed grades have high-strength levels through precipitation and grain refinement hardening. Careful use of alloying elements ensures high mechanical resistance and good weldability. Micro alloyed grades are suited to pressed or stamped parts that require high strength and good formability eg. in seating or body in white structural parts.

Tata Steel supplies high-strength micro-alloyed (HSLA) steel which complies with European standard EN 10268:2006+A1:2013 and to VDA 239-100.

Bake-hardening grades

Bake hardening steel gains extra strength after going through an automotive paint oven. The benefit of this is a product with relatively good formability, combined with a higher strength final part.

Carbon manganese grades                                                                             

Our carbon manganese product combines high strength with excellent formability for the most difficult cold forming applications.

Rephosphorised grades

Produced in the Netherlands.  For further information click here.


Automotive components.

Relationship with standards

Tata Steel can supply the following cold-rolled high-strength steel grades:

Micro-alloyed grades

EN 10268:2006+A1:2013 (T) EN 10268:1998 (L) VDA (L)
Grade Grade Grade
HC210LA1 - CR210LA
HC260LA H240LA CR240LA
HC300LA H280LA CR270LA
HC340LA H320LA CR300LA
HC380LA H360LA CR340LA
HC420LA H400LA CR380LA
HC460LA H460LA CR420LA
1 Not in EN 10268:2006+A1:2013 (T)
L = longitudinal test direction, T= transverse test direction
Test direction can be specified

Bake hardening grades

EN 10268:2006+A1:2013 VDA 239-100
HC220B CR210BH

Rephosphorised grades

Tata Steel VDA SEW 094
Grade Grade Grade
P220 - ZSt E220P
P260 - ZSt E260P

Produced in the Netherlands.  For further information click here

Carbon manganese grades

Tata Steel VDA
Grade Grade
HC300CM -

The carbon manganese product is supplied to Tata Steel’s own standard.