Future proofing buildings


The versatility of Trimawall® and its individually demountable panels creating an accessible service cavity means that it can be installed, demounted and then reconfigured to adapt to changing needs of the building users.
Trimawall® delivers benefit for both construction companies and end clients


For Healthcare: The Advantica L Control coated panel and wrapped edges, offer a robust surface approved by Bioquell for vapour cleaning with their Hydrogen Peroxide solutions. Building Systems UK has also partnered with Construction Specialities to create a range of Acrovyn skinned panels to create hygienic, healthcare approved walls in a wide range of colours and patterns.

For Schools: The durable magnetic Colocoat® walling is perfect for classroom displays, maintaining its appearance term after term, avoiding the expense and disruption of regular repainting.

For Commercial Offices and Retail: The individually demountable panels allow spaces to be adapted to changing occupier requirements, with panels relocated, reconfigured or replaced, enabling building & brand refreshes to be conducted overnight.

For Volumetric builders: With a systemised set of pre-cut, pre finished panels, off-site value can be maximised while factory productivity & output is increased.

For Traditional construction: Having a single pre-finished panel, rated to severe duty deflection & patressesing standards helps to minimise deliveries to site, on site waste and the need for wet trade finishing, vastly simplifying crew logistics and condensing build schedules

For M&E Installers: The pre-cut panels and accessible service cavity eliminates the hassle of threading and wall rework, reducing on site errors, ensuring detail consistency, and facilitating a much faster, simpler M&E install.


Trimawall<sup>®</sup> Fast Fit