Steel: an infinitely recyclable building material

With an extended first use design life and zero degradation in materials properties when recycled, steel is unlike nearly all of the other construction materials, offering sustainability benefits throughout in-use and end of life phases of a building’s life. Tata Steel UK’s manufacturing processes are carefully controlled to the highest environmental quality standards and are ISO 14001 certified with the widest portfolio of construction products certified in the world.

Trimawall Fast Fit is manufactured and delivered as a kit of parts in order to minimise the environmental impact during construction and fit out.

  • A designed kit of parts avoids over ordering, minimises deliveries, on-site cutting waste, and snagging.
  • One robust prefinished panel, reduces breakages / water damage during installation and minimises the use of sealants, glues, paints, further reducing waste disposal.
Tata Steel construction circular economy and platform construction