Tool free panel mounting

Fast & efficient wall finishing

Trimawall’s steel skinned composite panels are mounted using the Trisofix™ patented clip system that is pre-applied to the vertical edges of the composite sheet in our factory.

On-site, the panels can typically be lifted with vacuum lifters and push fitted by a 2-person installation crew. With the pre-finished panel requiring no additional wet trade finishing Trimawall® helps simplify and condense the total fit out and finishing process. .

Fast Fit demounting Trimawall Tata Steel

Individually demountable panels

Trimawall® panels can be individually demounted by a 2 person crew using vacuum lifters and the Trimawall demounting tool. The panels can be demounted & reinstalled multiple times without compromising performance or aesthetics. Not only does this allow for easy access to the M&E services within the cavity for maintenance or upgrading, but it allows panels to be relocated, reused, replaced to help reconfigure and enhance buildings over time.

Trimawall Fast Fit demountable tool - Tata Steel Building Systems UK