Kit of standard parts

Quick and easy installation

Four standard components provide a universal mounting solution:
Trimawall Fast Fit steel internal walling system
Part​   Description Material​ Dimensions​ Standard Lengths​ Weight​ (kg/ln)
1 Horizontal Mounting Rail​  Lipped C section provides main mechanical fix into structural wall 1.6mm Galvanised steel​ 55mm x 20mm ​ 3000mm​ 1.5
2 Base Angle Z profile create a level base for panels and support for skirting 2.0mm Galvanised Steel 65mm x 60mm x 65mm​ 3000mm​ 3
3 Sliding Connector Twist in fit steel connetor allows easy positioniong of vertical rails 1.0mm eCoated spring steel 62mm x 32mm n/a n/a
4 Vertical Retaining Rail  Push fitted onto sliding connectors it then provides the receptor for Trimawall panels 1.0 mm Galvanised steel​ 53mm x 34mm  2800mm​ 1.7