19 May 2021

Safe handling and storage of Trisobuild® aids safety on-site

Handling and storing steel and other metal products supplied by Tata Steel needs to be carried out in a safe and proper manner.

In order to comply with the legal requirements for safety on-site, whether you have used our products before or are using them for the first time, we have set out some guidance procedures to assist with handling our products.

The safety of our customers and others is important to Tata Steel and will be made safer by compliance with the advice given in our updated Trisobuild® brochure, when dealing with our products. The section dedicated to ‘Site guidance’ focuses particular attention on how to deal with the Trisobuild® systems on-site, including advice on packaging, storage and offloading using mechanical lifting devices.

The guidance is provided to help safeguard your workforce and our products. It assumes that all current safety regulations are in place before installation commences. Key areas focus on:


Trisobuild safe site handling and storage guide

Information is provided on how the Trisobuild® profiles are packaged and banded for delivery to site, and what precautions we take to protect the profiles from edge damage and scratching during transportation.

Arrival of materials on-site

Offloading is the customer’s responsibility. We recommend prompt checks immediately upon delivery against the relevant delivery note which will ensure you have received the correct quantities and specification. This will also give you the opportunity to visually check that no damage has occurred during transit. Any discrepancies or damage observed should be recorded immediately on the POD paperwork, and a written report should be submitted within 14 days.


Trisobuild safe site handling and storage guide

Wherever possible offloading should be direct from the vehicle to the area where the profiles will be used which will reduce the risk of on-site damage. Tata Steel provides offloading recommendations that should be followed, and if the profiles are not going to be installed soon after offload then storage at ground level is recommended. Tata Steel can offer an offloading service if requested prior to delivery.

We recommend two methods for offloading, and full guidance is given on the correct offloading procedure when using forklift or crane:

  • Forklift or telehandler (on-site plant): Used to offload packs less than 6m in length. Care must be taken when offloading to uneven ground and only one pack at a time should be unloaded with forks fully open ahead of lifting.
  • Crane: When slings and grabs are used care must be taken to prevent edge damage and avoid pressure across the profile width. A spreader bar is required when lifting packs over 8m long. Only one pack at a time should be unloaded.


Instructions are provided on how the bundles should be stored and placed on level ground; how to stack and separate the packs to ensure safe storage and avoid end damage.

Also included within the brochure is guidance on pre-erection checks that need to be carried out ahead of installation. It also provides support on handling and how to lift individual profiles from the pack as well as advice on cutting, where the use of a nibbler is recommended.

Download our technical brochure for more information on our Trisobuild® systems

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