15 December 2020

2020... a positive year for Tata Steel's Celsius® structural hollow sections

There is a danger that 2020 is remembered only for negative news, but here at Tata steel, we have had some very positive stories throughout the year, so we thought we would remind you of some of them.

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Our  range of fully normalized hollow sections to EN 10210 have always led the way and we have always provided the best guidance we can to help you get the most out of them. In 2020, we took this a step further by introducing the Celsius® Design App to make sizing of hollow sections quick, simple and intuitive. This app has been well received by engineers, making their day-to-day jobs far simpler. The Celsius® design app has now been updated to include our new S460NH grade and also new sizes in other grades which further expand your design opportunities. If you haven’t already done so, search Tata Steel Celsius® in your app store (Apple or Android) to download or find more information here.

The new S460NH grade for Celsius® fully normalized hollow sections has to be our biggest news of the year. This has already found it’s way into some iconic construction projects as well as being used to save weight and increase performance of cranes and agricultural equipment. The range of S460NH is specifically designed to enable at least 20% weight saving in many applications. If you are not already using it, download the datasheet to check all the details.

Our Celsius® weathering grade has seen increased specification and use in 2020. Apart from the aesthetic benefits of the natural patina, we are seeing a lot of interest in infrastructure projects where the long-life, low-maintenance benefits, together with reduced overall cost, are particularly valued.

And the big trend of 2020 (putting global pandemics to one side!) has been the ever-growing appreciation of sustainable design. We are seeing that sustainability is moving beyond words into being a major influencer in construction design. We have always known that the infinitely recyclable nature of steel makes it a good choice, but Celsius® hollow sections enable more efficient, lower-weight design and particularly with the new S460NH grade can cut steel-weight by almost a half compared to more traditional approaches. Added to this is the peace-of-mind from our ongoing commitment to responsible sourcing through our BES 6001 certification and our new membership of ResponsibleSteel™.

2020 was an eventful year and going into 2021 may prove to be turbulent again. But here at Tata Steel, we are with you all the way. We have been making our Celsius® hot finished structural hollow sections for over 50 years and using our own, internally-sourced steel to maintain both quality and consistency of supply, we are committed to remain with you whatever the New Year brings.


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