15 March 2021

Suspended fire rated wedge nut for attaching building services to ComFlor® supplied by Lindapter

A new innovative fire rated wedge nut anchor, developed at Tata Steel’s request, has been designed specifically for suspending services for our ComFlor® 60 and ComFlor® 80 composite floor decking profiles.


Designed and manufactured by Lindapter, the new decking fixing, entitled ‘Lindapter Type COM’, is an anchor fixing designed to provide an efficient and economical fixing for suspending a variety of equipment including HVAC systems, fire protection, pipework, electrical items’ and lower ceilings.

Available now, the CE- Marked fire rated fixing offers genuine efficiencies for contractors:

  • It can be installed quickly and easily within seconds.
  • It can be adjusted for precise alignment onsite without any requirement for specialist labour, and expensive tools or power.
  • It has zero-impact installation.
  • No damage to the decking.
  • No requirement for specialist labour/tools.
  • Independently approved and CE Marked (CE DOP No.023).
  • Independently Fire rated up to 90 mins.

Technical specification:

  • Product Code: Lindapter COM10.
  • European Technical Assessment (ETA) No. 20/0920.
  • Ambient Temperature Characteristic Pull-Out Resistance per fixing Ft,Rk = 2.15kN to EC3.
  • General Safe working Load of 1.25kN (Factor of Safety 3:1).
  • Wedge anchor material: Carbon Steel with a minimum tensile strength of 300N/mm2.
  • Wedge anchor coating: Electrodeposited coating EN ISO 2081 Fe/Zn5/A.
  • Wedge Anchor locking plate material: Mild Steel Strip to BS EN 10346 DX52D.
  • Wedge anchor locking plate coating: + Z275-N-A-C or equivalent.
  • Threaded bar: M10 to EN ISO 898-1 Property Class 4.6 or higher.
  • Hex Nut: to EN ISO 898-2 Property Class 4 or higher.
  • Plain Washer: to EN ISO 7089.
  • Tightening Torque: 10Nm.

Fire Performance

  • Independently fire tested to BS EN 1991-1-2.
  • Performance Cclass A1 in accordance with 96/603/EC.
  • BRE test report P116310 Issue 1 verifies load limits for 60minute and 90 minute fire rating.
Maximum temperature (°C) 945°C 1006°C
Test duration (minutes) 60 mins
90 mins
Product Threaded rod
(Property class 8.8)
Product code Tensile load (kN) Tensile Load (kN)
Type COM M10 COM10 0.60 0.375


To find out more about Tata Steel’s ComFlor® range and the Lindapter new Type COM connection please contact our Technical Department:

T: +44 (0) 1244 892136

E: technical.structuralproducts@tatasteeleurope.com 


For more information on Lindapter’s extensive range of decking fixings contact Lindapter,

T: 01274 521444

E: enquries@lindapter.com

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