29 February 2016

A sound investment

Steel cladding helps Veolia Environmental Services build a recycling facility, guaranteeing minimal sound impact on the surrounding communities.

CA Building Products, a Colorcoat® Supply Chain Partner, used its acoustic design expertise to help Veolia Environmental Services build a recycling facility, guaranteeing minimal sound impact on the surrounding communities.

Veolia Environmental Services needed to build a new integrated waste management facility to help increase the recycling rate in the London Borough of Southwark from 21% to 30% by 2021. For the new building, certain factors and requirements needed to be considered to ensure the success of the project. Stringent planning controls played a significant role in the design of the Energy from Waste scheme, with the aim of minimising the impact of emissions generated from the facility. In particular, noise reduction was one of the most critical issues in the building’s design and specification.

To minimise noise pollution and avoid disrupting the local community, Veolia Environmental Services required a supplier with a deep understanding of acoustic design. This is where CA Building Products, one of the UK’s largest metal roofing and cladding system manufacturer and installers, came in. Brought in at the concept stage of the build, CA Building Products, a supply chain partner of Tata Steel, worked with architects Thorpe Wheatley and Royal Haskoning to recommend the best performing products and materials for the project.

Photo courtesy of CA Group

Tackling the issue of noise head on, CA Building Products supplied its River-Therm® roof and Twin-Therm®wall systems made using Colorcoat HPS200 Ultra® pre-finished steel supplied by Tata Steel and featuring Therma-quilt insulation. The system also contained a lightweight man-made mineral fibre (MMMF), the innovative insulation absorbs noise instead of reflecting it. The roof and wall systems provided by CA Building Products also benefited from simple enhancements to meet project specific requirements. By altering internal and external sheet thicknesses as well as insulation thickness and density, a wide range of performance options were available. Most importantly for this build, these changeable elements meant varying acoustic requirements could be met without compromising the aesthetic appeal of the building envelope. Delivered as built up site assembled structures, CA Building Products roof and wall systems are backed by comprehensive testing to assure the best possible performance.

Aside from the demanding acoustic needs of this project, the plant also needed internal protection from the chemicals involved in the management of residual waste. To ensure the internal liner of the building envelope was preserved, from Tata Steel was used. Also used for the external finish of the envelope, Colorcoat HPS200 Ultra® in Goosewing Grey for the roof and Albatross for the walls, comes with a Galvalloy® metallic coating for optimum corrosion resistance and cut edge protection and is guaranteed for up to 40 years with the . Furthermore, to provide an aesthetic façade on the industrial structure –  Colorcoat Prisma® in Silver Metallic and Pegasus was selected. This pre-finished steel product is also covered by the Confidex® Guarantee. The Confidex® Guarantee requires no inspection or maintenance to validate it, reducing costs for the building owner.

With the joint technical expertise of CA Building Products, CA Group and Tata Steel, the Southwark recycling facility’s building envelope has been designed to shield the local community from noise pollution, while withstanding chemical corrosion. Addressing these issues at the outset future-proofs the new building by decreasing the likelihood of residential complaints and allowing for reduced maintenance.

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