15 November 2017

Tata Steel supply tubes to special children’s centre project

Tata Steel has recently donated 13 bundles of its 700kg rectangular tubes to an aspiring volunteer-led children’s charity in Swansea, Wales.

MAIN Corner celsius steel structural hollow section


Featuring on the Children In Need special of BBC One series ‘DIY SOS: The Big Build’, the tubes were placed in the ground to hold back earth as part of an exciting project to construct a new support centre for The Roots Foundation Wales.

Aiming to support young people in care, care leavers, children in need and adults, The Roots Foundation Wales offers tailored services to its clients ranging from employment, finance, health and hygiene and emotional wellbeing assistance.

The Roots Foundation Wales


Founded by the inspiring Emma Lewis almost seven years ago, the charity accessed Children in Need funding with a commitment to overhaul the centre’s existing facilities. Acting on Emma’s request to expand and enhance the Ravenhill-based Roots Foundation Wales centre – a wooden hut which had become increasingly dilapidated – the award-winning DIY SOS: The Big Build team demolished the existing building before constructing the charity’s impressive new headquarters.

Donating their time and skills on behalf of Children in Need, the project workers – including a dedicated team of volunteers – took just 11 days to complete the development of a large new youth club, therapy room, kitchen and independent flats for those leaving the care system as part of the ambitious project.

Corby and Port Talbot

With a combined approximate weight of 8.6 tonnes, the 150mm x 150mm steel tubes took less than a day to be delivered from the company’s Corby site to the Roots Foundation Wales centre. Initially smelted in Tata Steel’s Port Talbot site, once on site, the product was positioned in the ground to hold back the earth and hidden by a retaining wall upon the new centre’s completion.

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