18 May 2015

Colorcoat Urban (now called Catnic Urban) roof comes highly recommended

Roger Yeoman, designer and home owner of Cedar House in Somerset – winner of the 2014 Build It Awards ‘Best Eco Home’ speaks with Tata Steel as we find out what influenced their choice of roofing system and what drove them to use as their cladding material.




Q: According to the design brief the cladding materials had to be chosen carefully to give Cedar House individuality and be sympathetic to its surroundings, what were the deciding factors in choosing roof system for your home?


Roger: I set out to build a home using modern methods of construction that would have minimal requirement for heating and therefore low annual running cost. This was important to me having previously lived for 40 years in a house built in 1970 and experienced the escalating oil costs for the Aga and central heating.

I wanted our new house to make a statement that it was different, and I decided that incorporating a metal roof with clean lines would do exactly that.

The house is situated adjacent to my commercial premises with a fibre cement roof, and I considered the metal roof would be a sympathetic contrast rather than a new domestic property with a tiled roof.

We were also installing a rainwater harvesting system and the smooth metal roof surface appealed to me. Finally I was attracted to the ease of fixing PV panels.

Q: If a friend asked you what the three most important characteristics of the roof were, what would you say and why?


  1. 1. It is a complete system which includes the roof, ridge, and verge. You can also include soffits and gutters.
  2. 2. It is backed by a Tata Steel warranty.
  3. 3. I have the ability to fix PV and Solar Thermal panels without their attachments having to penetrate the roof.


Q: Suppliers played a key part in helping you create a home to be proud of, would you recommend a Colorcoat Urban® roof system (now called Catnic® Urban) to them?

Roger: I most certainly will recommend the Colorcoat Urban® roof system, although success is dependent on the competence level of the installer. I was very satisfied by our installer, Associated Roofing & Maintenance Ltd. And I was impressed by the site visit and quality control by Tata Steel in monitoring the contractor

Q: If you were to design your own home again, with the benefit of hindsight, what would you change, if anything?

Roger: As yet, there is nothing I would change, and the people close to me would tell you they are not surprised by this. I did spend a long time researching, planning, and revising the build.

In today’s fast moving world it is actually a pleasure to talk to people who are happy not only to highly endorse your product but at the same time you instantly know are delighted with their choice, installation and service.

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