10 April 2019

Five fun facts about Colorcoat Prisma® in “Ephyra Alley” near Utrecht

Five buildings Near Utrecht all using Colorcoat Prisma®.

Prisma Bau

Near Utrecht, alongside one of the main motorways in Europe (E35/A2) you will find 5 buildings in the same area, all of which have been built with Colorcoat Prisma®. 



5 steel facts in netherlands

This new 3 layer Colorcoat Prisma® demonstrates a step change by utilising cutting edge manufacturing technology to create an optimised, robust, chrome free pre-finished steel product. This development in manufacturing and extensive testing, allows us to offer Colorcoat Prisma® in a greatly enhanced range of colours and effects, and supported by our Confidex® Guarantee for up to 40 years. Colorcoat Prisma® provides colour stability for up to 20 years for standard colours.

The contemporary colour range includes the Elements selection of natural metal colours, enhanced metallic sparkle effects, as well as a wide selection of inspired matt shades including matt metallics ideal for facade applications. Download our colour card to experience these colours.

Colorcoat Prisma® not only uniquely pushes the boundaries for UV performance but also out performs the highest European corrosion resistance standards. This makes it the ideal choice for commercial, retail, warehouse, public sector and superior aesthetic buildings that are truly built to last...

4 ENGv.jpg

In the drone video you will see 4 of these beautiful recreational and commercial buildings from different angles. Some of these buildings have been designed and built  using Colorcoat® pre-finished steel. 

While architects chose a steel solution, because it is a robust and aesthetically appealing material, they will not want their building to be sensitive to the weather outside. Without insulation, the building would not retain heat in the winter, and the walls and roof would transfer the sun’s heat indoors in the summer. Insulation of the wall panels prevents the loss of heat and keeps it inside the building, where it belongs during the winter period. In summer, it does the opposite. The heat transfer rate throughout the building is controlled, reducing energy usage.

The wall panels with high acoustic values deaden noise from the outside and absorb reverberations inside, which is something very useful when designing a building that will be located alongside the highway. 


5 steel facts in netherlands

3 of the buildings are supported by the Confidex® Guarantee. As you know, the Confidex® Guarantee for [Colorcoat HPS200 Ultra®] and Colorcoat Prisma® offers the most comprehensive guarantee for pre-finished steel products in Europe and provides peace of mind for up to 40 years. Following completion no further inspections or maintenance is required to validate the guarantee.

The extensive Confidex® Guarantee is especially important when your building is located alongside the 5th most crowded motorway of the Netherlands where 3,700 cars per hour drive through- more than 32 million cars annually. With the building owner having a direct guarantee from Tata Steel, they have peace of mind for many years.

5 steel facts in netherlands

Cladding Partner was the subcontractor for 2 of the buildings. Having worked previously with Tata Steel, Cladding Partner is knowledgeable about working with their products. One of the values of Tata Steel in Europe is unity. We work cohesively with the whole supply chain around the world, building strong relationships based on tolerance, understanding and mutual cooperation.

1 ENGv.jpg

In 1 of the buildings you can freefall in the first indoor sky dive center in the world to have two tunnels. In a safe environment, you can realise your dreams and experience how it feels when you jump from 14,000 feet from an aeroplane. Did you know you can fly with Colorcoat Prisma®?

Colorcoat Prisma® in Ephyra gave the building the golden look. Gold is a precious metal that is associated with wealth, grandeur, prosperity, as well as sparkle, glitz and glamour. With Colorcoat Prisma® in Ephyra, the designer of the building had the possibility to create the space and attention, while reflecting the optimism, courage, passion, magic and wisdom. That’s possibly all you need in this contemporary adventure and entertainment centre.

Colorcoat Prisma in Ephyra® was the only pre-finished steel that matched the design requirements, it was perfect for the building to claim its prominent presence within the surrounding. Due to the colour Ephyra, the architect was able to design a building that preserved its golden identity while matching with the other buildings in the vicinity.

See below to find out more about these five projects:

1 - City Skydive
Address: De Heldinnenlaan 1, Utrecht
Architect: Elefant Architecten
Subcontractor: Cladding Partners bv
System Manufacturer: MZAllpro
Product: Colorcoat Prisma® in Ephyra 


2 - Kwikfit
Address: Heldinnenlaan 6, Utrecht
Product: Colorcoat Prisma® in Kronos & Colorcoat® PVDF Blauw
System Manufacturer: SAB-profiel bv (The darker ones - Colorcoat Prisma® in Kronos)


3 - KFC
Address: De Heldinnenlaan 7, Utrecht
Architect: XS Architecten
Contractor: BurgtBouw BV
Subcontractor: Damu Projecten bv
System Manufacturer: SAB-profiel bv
Product: Colorcoat Prisma® in Ephyra, Colorcoat HPS200 Ultra® Anthracite Matt
Confidex® Guarantee: Up to 40 years 


4 - Wasserij Van der Kleij & Zn
Address: De Heldinnenlaan 199, Utrecht
Architect: Onyx Vastgoed B.V.
Contractor: Van Mourik Bouw BV
Subcontractor: Cladding Partners bv
System Manufacturer: SAB-profiel bv
Product: Colorcoat Prisma® in Orion, Colorcoat Prisma® in Ephyra, Colorcoat Prisma® in Anthracite
Confidex® Guarantee: Up to 40 years

5 - Capgemini LRCN Utrecht (not on the drone video)
Address: Reykjavikplein 1, Utrecht
Architect: Ibelings van Tilburg architecten
Contractor: BAM Utiliteitsbouw Regio Utrecht
Subcontractor: Dagemo B.V.
System Manufacturer: SAB-profiel bv
Product: Colorcoat Prisma® in Orion, Colorcoat Prisma® in Ephyra
Confidex® Guarantee: Up to 40 years

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