Hot-finished vs. cold-formed tubes

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Whilst all tubes may look the same, they are not. Tubes made by different manufacturing routes can result in significant differences in reliability and performance.

Hot-finished products by Tata Steel are technically superior to cold-formed alternatives. Our hot-finished tubes perform much better and deliver additional features and benefits.

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If you have any questions about hot-finished tubes call the Tubes Technical Helpline on +44 (0) 1536 404561 or email


Advantages of hot-finished tubes

Our hot-finished tubes do not have a Heat Affected Zone (HAZ) as this is fully removed during the hot-manufacturing (normalising) process. This results in a superior product as it has:

  • An ordered and consistent microstructure.
  • No internal stress that can promote cracking.
  • Consistent and reliable mechanical properties.
  • Improved structural integrity and ductility.
  • Improved and consistent toughness.
  • Higher pressure integrity.
  • Greater factor of safety.
  • No loss of strength during additional welding or heating.
  • Improved performance against corrosion.
  • Ability to be bent to tight radii without splitting, creasing or collapsing.


How to tell if it is hot-finished

You can tell hot-finished tube by either product description or marking, order acknowledgement, test certificate or any statements of conformity issued by the Tube manufacturer.

Conveyance tubes by Tata Steel have all the information you need marked on the actual product confirming it’s hot-finished (GH = Get Hot) product.

Our CE mark confirms full product suitability for Fuel/Gas (Cat3) and water (Cat4) use.

Check you comply, before you buy

For building and industrial services pipework, ensuring that tube is correctly specified and supplied is of paramount importance to ensure the satisfactory performance of the system over its lifetime.

Incorrectly defined tube specification may allow incorrect, commodity non-compliant cold-form or non-Tata Steel hot tubes getting into the supply chain. The risk significantly increases if parts of the project are subcontracted out without the correct controls in place.  

By using a superior hot finished tube solution from Tata Steel, building and industrial service professionals can be assured that the material will deliver an unrivalled level of reliability and durability in use and will comply with all the latest relevant legislative and specification requirements.

Not all tubes are the same, therefore to ensure the success of your project, always specify a fully compliant and traceable hot-finished tube from Tata Steel.

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