10 October 2019

How to eliminate risk when designing and specifying building envelope systems

Reducing risk generally, and eliminating unnecessary risk specifically, in the design and specification of building envelope solutions, can be achieved through a systems approach to construction.


Working with a manufacturer and system supplier who can provide advice and support through a project, from design to completion, ensures that the solution meets the particular needs of the project. A comprehensive guarantee upon completion gives the building owner confidence that their property will perform as expected for several decades.

What is Platinum® Plus

Complex buildings tend to attract complex solutions. To get around this, specifiers sometimes copy the solution from a previous project and apply it to a new one. The assumption is that if it worked before then it will work again in a different situation.

However, what a complex building needs is a tailored solution - a system designed with the needs of the project in mind. That is where Tata Steel's Platinum® Plus system guarantee comes in, helping to eliminate risk in building envelope systems.

A Tata Steel system backed by  features components selected from a broad range of compatible roofing and cladding products, the choice of which depends on the building type and function. Products manufactured and supplied direct by Tata Steel include insulated panels (including Trisomet®, Trimapanel® and Formawall®), built-up systems (the Trisobuild® range) and structural RoofDek.

These building systems are manufactured using Tata Steel’s pre-finished Colorcoat® products. Using the best in range Colorcoat Prisma® or Colorcoat HPS200 Ultra® provides access to the 40 year Confidex® Guarantee to complement the  system guarantee.

The system guarantee incorporates a full range of accessories: all flashings, boundary gutters, fillers and sealants, ancillaries, stainless steel fixings, GRP rooflights, and safe link systems. All are from leading suppliers, all are independently tested and certified - and all are responsibly sourced and fully traceable through the supply chain.

What support is available with Platinum® Plus?

When selecting a , Tata Steel get involved right from the project’s design stage. We work with specifiers to create a complete building envelope specification, advising on the selection of components to deliver the necessary performance.

That includes thermal performance, acoustic performance, fire performance, wind resistance, durability and structural stability - and all without needing excessive subsequent upkeep and maintenance.

Once construction is underway, on-site checks make sure that the system is installed according to the specification. And at completion, a  is issued direct to the building owner. The guarantee is fully transferable, so it remains in place with a change of ownership.

Critically, designers, contractors and building owners all enjoy the benefits of having a single point of contact for any questions about the system. There is no passing of responsibility or liability from one party to another; there is the peace of mind that comes from the long term reassurance of a manufacturer-backed guarantee.

What is the Tata Steel online specification builder?

Developed as an easy-to-use online tool, our online specification builder allows designers and specifiers to view 3D product previews, select their external finish and colour, generate building envelope system specifications, and manage multiple specifications, all in one place.

Our experienced Technical Team will check the specification for the designer, ensuring all choices meet the desired performance for their project needs.

The online specification builder is just another example of how  provides guaranteed performance, and lower operating and maintenance costs, for the life of the building - a tailored solution offering dependable and enduring performance through the journey of a project, from start to finish.


To find out more, download a Platinum® Plus brochure or contact us to discuss a specification for your project.

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