18 July 2018

The Construction Supply Chain cannot realistically deliver BIM level 2: Discuss

Will major investments by the industry’s largest players ultimately be for nothing, if realistically the majority of the industry will never be able to follow suit? What responsibility should the Government, Trade Associations and large construction companies take to ease BIM through the entire supply chain.

Is the vastly proliferated construction industry truly geared up to implement BIM? Looking at building product manufacturers alone, 98% are SMEs, with over 17,000 with less than 10 employees – and limited budgets available to deliver BIM’s complex requirements.

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Our panellists

Alex Small - BIM & Digital Platforms manager at Tata Steel Europe.

Alex is involved with the BIM Alliance, BIM4M2 and the CPA and is a keen advocate for structured data and a standardised method for manufacturers to hold, control and disseminate product information. [Read more]

Su Butcher - Director of Just Practising Limited

Su’s consultancy helps construction product companies use the internet better. She serves on the promotions team at BIM4M2, is vice chair of Women in BIM, and advises the UK BIM Alliance on their communications strategy. Trained as an architect before setting up her own consultancy company. [Read more]

David Jellings - Managing Director of BIMobject UK

Also a member of the buildingSMART UK&I Management Board and a BIM Process Consultant. In the past decade, he has fronted several ground-breaking collaborative construction solutions and business processes across the EMEA region. [Read more]

Nick Tune - CEO of coBuilder UK

Nick has led the development and delivery of many digital services and products whilst at BRE as Group Director of Digital and Data and Director of BuildingSMART UK and is currently supporting the construction supply chain to share and utilise data via his tools at coBuilder. [Read more]

Peter Caplehorn - Deputy Chief Executive and Policy Director for CPA

Peter leads the work at Construction Products Association to ensure that the UK and EU policy and regulatory framework – particularly for technical and sustainability issues – supports a growing and profitable UK construction products industry. [Read more]

Steve Thompson - Head of Digital Manufacturing at PCSG

He authored the Product Data Definition for the BIM Task Group in 2016, which led to the development of LEXiCON, and is now lead author of the PAS 1192-7 on product data definition. Steve is also Vice Chair of BIM4M2. [Read more]

Paul Surin - Head of Built Environment, Weinerberger

Paul is Chairman of Construction Product Digitalization & BIM Task Group, lead of UK BuildingSMART Product Room, a Vice Chairman of BIM4M2, a member of Built Environment at the IET. [Read more]

Martin Simpson - Director, Centre for the Digital Built Environment, University of Liverpool

Martin has recently joined the University of Liverpool from Arup where he specialised in BIM and digital design. Martin is passionate about the digital transformation of the built environment. [Read more]



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