Welded vs seamless tubes

Premium, hot finished HFI welded products – a cost effective alternative to seamless.

Inline™ and Inflow™ hot-finished tubes are an ideal cost-effective substitute for comparable seamless products, and deliver additional features and benefits such as consistent ovality, uniform walled thickness, improved end matching and tighter control on fixed lengths.

Celsius Structural Hollow Sections Product Photography

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The key benefits:
• More cost effective.
• More consistent product.
• No internal weldbead.
• Fully interchangeable with comparable seamless.
• Improved pressure integrity.
• Installation benefits to promote.
• UK manufactured and supported.
• Ideal for industrial applications.

welded benefits

Weld beads
Internal and external weld beads are fully trimmed and removed, providing a clear, unrestricted tube bore.

We conduct both Non-Destructive (NDT) and Destructive Testing (DT) to provide assured confidence in weld seam integrity. All weld seams are ultrasonically tested (V=1.0) as standard.

Based on EN ISO3183 and L-Grades and other equivalent and generally equivalent European and international standards for industrial market applications.

Based on EN10217-2 and P-Grades and other relevant standards, ideal for general purpose and industrial pressure requirements.

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