04 May 2023

Trimawall® - A fast and flexible fit

Tata Steel background

Building Systems UK, an enterprise of Tata Steel UK, is excited to announce the launch of Trimawall® Fast Fit


A universal mounting system and prefinished panel that has been designed to facilitate the move to high quality off-site build solutions that can radically change the speed, safety, and environmental impact of (onsite) construction.
Building Systems UK - A Tata Steel Enterprise

Trimawall® Fast Fit has been developed in conjunction with Reform Systems Ltd which utilises their patented tool free panel mounting technology, creating a unique system exclusive to Building Systems UK.


Fast Fit demounting Trimawall Tata Steel

First trialled in 2022 on the SEISMIC demonstrator building at BRE, Trimawall® can be used throughout a building. The system can be mounted over a wide range of structural wall types. The initial focus for the product will be to provide an internal wall fit out system for new build and refurbishment projects, delivering a strong and versatile alternative to traditional building materials. With interior panels supplied with a wide choice of Colorcoat® pre-painted finishes, Trimawall® requires no wet trades to complete and avoids on-site plastering dust and fumes.

Trimawall Fast Fit


Business Development Manager Edwin Richards says:

“Our Trimawall® panels can be individually mounted, demounted and remounted multiple times without compromising performance or aesthetics. Not only does this allow for easy access to the M&E services within the accessible cavity for maintenance or upgrading, but it also allows the panel to be relocated, reused, and replaced to help reconfigure and enhance buildings quickly and efficiently over time”.
Managing Director Jo Evans says:

“Sitting alongside Building Systems UK’s trusted brands such as Trisobuild®, Trisomet®, Trimapanel®, ComFlor® and RoofDek our new Trimawall® Fast Fit system helps us to further expand our role in construction transformation and achieve our vision of shaping the future of sustainable buildings”.

For further information, installation videos and more please visit our Trimawall® Fast Fit internal walling system product page.