04 April 2019

Colorcoat Urban® metal cladding system specified on five of the ten self-build plots on TVs Grand Designs: The Street

Colorcoat Urban® (now called Catnic® Matrix) metal cladding system specified on five of the ten self-build plots on TVs Grand Designs: The Street

grand designs logoThis years’ Grand Designs features 10 self-builders embarking on building their dream home over a 5 year period, with Tata Steel’s Colorcoat Urban® metal cladding being selected as one of the available product options.

grand designs steel cladding roof and wall


The site was formerly Ministry of Defence land with ten families buying their own patch of the 188-acres for £100,000 with the aim to develop a new street, and act as pioneers for Graven Hill in Oxfordshire. The overall project took five years to complete and includes a school, nursery, shops and cafes.

Tata Steel Grand Designs Steel Roof Grey

Each self-builder was provided with a ‘materials palette’ that was compiled by the planners, this allowed for better, more efficient planning of their projects by offering a limited range of approved materials and products fit for use.

Tata Steel’s Colorcoat Urban® roof and wall metal cladding was allocated as part of the materials palette mainly due to it’s longevity, reliability, ease of application/installation properties and is competitively priced, therefore helping the home owners with their tight but varying budgets. With this in mind, five out of the ten self-builders specified Colorcoat Urban® metal cladding within their building designs for use as walling and roofing applications.

Tata Steel Grand Designs Steel Roof

In order to help the self-builders on their quest Tata Steel provided them first hand training at Tata Steel’s site in Shotton, North Wales. The Colorcoat Urban® metal cladding system comes in modular form including all the relevant panels, trims and fixings and bespoke to the project giving customers, that have some construction experience, a system that they can install themselves making it perfect for this project and the residents.

With an array of colours to choose from Colorcoat Urban® provides an ideal solution to give their homes’ a vibrant, aesthetically pleasing effect with colours such as Anthracite, Merlin and Sargasso Blue being chosen throughout this street of grand designers!

For further information regarding any of Tata Steel’s innovative, quick fitting roof or wall metal cladding systems please contact +44 (0) 1244 892449, alternatively email: colorcoaturban@tatasteeleurope.com

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