31 March 2017

Fully revised ‘Blue Book’ launched by Tata Steel

Tata Steel has partnered with the Steel Construction Institute (SCI) to produce a brand new and fully revised version of their ‘Blue Book’ software tool.

This essential guide for the design of steelwork includes Tata Steel’s entire structural hollow sections range and incorporates comprehensive section property data for key products Celsius® and Hybox®.

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Furthermore, the new design enables the rapid selection of steel members in compression and bending and data tables are also provided for combined bending and compression, web resistance and shear resistance.

“The Blue Book has been available for nearly 20 years and this updated version is much more user-friendly than previous versions,” explains Steve Whitfield, Structural Engineer and Tata Steel’s Structural Customer Technical Services Manager.

“In this digital era, we wanted to create a valuable and flexible design tool that works across various interfaces and platforms. I feel we have achieved this with this latest version; the design tables have been fully updated and are now much more accessible. Its new format allows designers to navigate on selected pages between various sizes, helping them find the correct member from our updated range of readily available products.”

Michael Sansom of the SCI adds: “The updated Blue Book has better tables which are more flexible and consequently easier to use. Once a user selects a member size all the relevant information is immediately highlighted on the page, allowing designers to see the information quickly and easily.”

The design tool presents design data derived in accordance with the following Parts of Eurocode 3 and their National Annexes:

  • EN1993-1-1:2005: Design of steel structures. Part 1-1: General rules and rules for buildings
  • EN1993-1-5:2006: Design of steel structures. Part 1-5: Plated structural elements

The resistances have been calculated using the partial factors for resistance given in the National Annexes for the Eurocodes.

Additional data is included calculated according to BS5950-1:2000: Structural use of steelwork in buildings.

Further information is provided on bolts, welds and relevant tolerances as well as a comprehensive General Notes section which details the background for the calculations.

Completely free and easy-to-use the Blue Book from Tata Steel is available now via: https://www.tatasteelbluebook.com/

This fully revised software supersedes all previous versions and also fits seamlessly into Tata Steel’s new construction website [www.tatasteelconstruction.com] providing users with a comprehensively complete, yet single reference point for the entire Tata Steel portfolio within the diverse Construction & Infrastructure Sector.

Tata Steel product information

Ideal for the construction sector, the Celsius® range includes; circular, square, rectangular and elliptical hollow sections. Celsius® products are fully normalised for structural efficiency and superior aesthetics.

Celsius® 420 is a unique product providing up to 17% improvement in structural efficiency through the use of high strength steel. The new Blue Book provides the definitive source of data for this exciting and highly efficient product as well as full data for the widely-specified Celsius® 355 range.

Celsius® 420 and Celsius® 355 hot finished structural hollow sections are supplied in a standard grade of S420 NH or S355 NH in accordance with the European Standard for hot finished structural hollow sections EN 10210:2006, plus an improved corner profile of 2T maximum providing enhanced aesthetics.

Celsius® 420 and Celsius® 355 are suitable for all internal and external applications to BS5950-1:2000, BS5400, EN1993, and all equivalent national and international steel design standards. These products provide the most efficient design opportunities due to their fully normalised steel.

Hybox® 355 cold formed structural hollow sections are supplied in a standard grade of S355 J2H in accordance with the European Standard for cold formed structural hollow sections, EN10219:2006. The range includes; circular, square, and rectangular hollow sections.

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