01 July 2019

Homeowners provided peace of mind, with Tata Steel’s new Confidex® Home guarantee

Designed to provide homeowners and builders with added peace of mind, Tata Steel has announced the launch of its new Confidex® Home Guarantee, established as being one of the most comprehensive guarantees on offer for pre-finished steel when used for residential roof or wall constructions.

Dedham, Essex 625


Standing seam profiles from Tata Steel and its supply chain partners, manufactured using the renowned Colorcoat Prisma® or Colorcoat HPS200 Ultra® pre-finished steel, are often favoured by self-builders and developers for the stunning aesthetic finish they provide, with contemporary colours suited to both urban and rural homes. Quick build times are also possible with neat crisp finishes to complete design and build choices.

As the systems continue to increase in popularity, Tata Steel has launched the new Confidex® Home Guarantee. Valid for 25 years, it provides homeowners with assurance of the building material’s performance when purchased as a standing seam system from one of four supply chain partners, including SSR2® from Catnic, Colorcoat Urban® from Tata Steel, Vieo from Euroclad Group, and Seamlock®/Seamlap® from Euro Quality Cladding.

In addition to Colorcoat Prisma® and Colorcoat HPS200 Ultra® pre-finished steel providing builders with a highly durable building material, it also gives them the opportunity to create a truly stunning exterior thanks to the wide range of colours and effects available, from Anthracite and Terracotta to more natural metal shades.

Exposure to sunlight, extreme weather or coastal environments are all critical external factors that roofs and walls have to resist in order to maintain performance over time. Tata Steel is so confident in the performance of Colorcoat Prisma® and Colorcoat HPS200 Ultra®, based on extensive testing of both products in laboratories and weathering sites around the world, that Confidex® Home is offered irrespective of where the material is installed (roof or walls) or where the home is situated. This means that those who choose to build their new home in a rural or coastal location are still eligible for the 25-year guarantee. This is a significant inclusion, for often the length or assurance of a guarantee will differ depending on the environment in which the product is located – a true testament to the performance of Tata Steel’s pre-finished steel.

In addition, with Colorcoat HPS200 Ultra® being manufactured with the unique Scintilla® emboss only produced by Tata Steel, homeowners can be reassured of its high quality from this mark of authenticity.

Ian Peters, Building Services Manager at Tata Steel, said: “We want to provide the best service possible to our customers, without adding unnecessary complications. That’s why, unlike some alternative building materials, whose product guarantees are supplied with an accompanying list of conditions and restrictions, ours is refreshingly straight-forward. Our Confidex® Home Guarantee is uniquely issued direct to the homeowner themselves, avoiding any potential confusion in the unlikely event of a claim, and is fully transferable in the event of the house being sold. Also, no formal maintenance or regular inspection of the product is required in order to validate the guarantee.”

For further details on the terms and conditions and to register the Confidex® Home Guarantee, the homeowner simply has to complete a short online form at www.colorcoat-online.com/confidexhome and within 14 days they will receive a guarantee certificate via email.

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