06 November 2018

Improved Vetex® delivers time, cost and space savings

Re-development of Tata Steel’s successful Vetex® highways restraint system will deliver multiple benefits to system installers and road operators.

Accepted by Highways England, the latest Vetex® normal containment (N2) system replaces multiple post and barrier beam designs with standardised, interchangeable components. Combined with wider post centres – allowing a significant reduction in the number of installed system components – the improved and simplified system offers one beam and one post type across all working widths. The result is a system that is:

  • lighter
  • quicker to install
  • easier to maintain

Re-development has also extended Vetex® N2 capability to include a W1 working width solution. Lower working width systems save space and offer scope for extra running lanes on highways.

Vetex Highway main


In addition, system versatility has been enhanced with dual certification of Vetex® N2 W1 single-sided barrier as H1 W3. Vetex® N2 W4 single-sided barrier has also been dual certified as N1 W2.

Rigorous development process

We are constantly seeking to improve our restraint systems to meet new and changing market needs. The latest Vetex® N2 system maintains safety performance whilst providing a simplified and very cost-effective solution for modern highways

Trevor Mustard

Tata Steel’s Technical Manager – Construction Products


Suitable for both single-sided and double-sided application, the new Vetex® N2 system marks the culmination of a three-year design and development programme.

A rigorous design and development process included extensive performance modelling followed by comprehensive, independent testing of the new Vetex® N2 system.

“Post dimensions were carefully designed to optimise post performance at wider post centres,” said Trevor. “Vetex® N2 now has a single, rectangular hollow section post which can withstand higher loads and reduce system deflection. The new post profile reduces system width and is also more pedestrian-friendly.”

Next steps for Vetex® include re-development and simplification of higher containment systems to deliver similar benefits.

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