28 April 2021

New textured finish added to Tata Steel's Colorcoat Prisma® portfolio

Providing architects, specifiers and building developers with even more design options, Tata Steel is delighted to introduce Colorcoat Prisma® in a new Textured finish, as part of its pre-finished steel offering for roof and wall cladding.

Designed to offer a uniquely textured look and feel, the new robust finish from Tata Steel combines contemporary aesthetics with the durability and long-life performance that the Colorcoat Prisma® brand is known for.

Colorcoat Prisma - Textured

Providing a true matt look, the textured effect adds an exciting illusion of depth and a multi-tonal feel to the pre-finished steel, while simultaneously helping to minimise light reflectance. 

The textured finish will be available on all shades within the Colorcoat Prisma® standard Metallic and Solid categories on the existing colourcard, in addition to the steel manufacturer’s bespoke Repertoire® colour-matching service for solid shades. This provides the widest choice of colours that are available with a textured finish on the market. There will be samples of the most popular colours from the range (Zeus, Oyster, Anthracite, Black, Slate Grey, White, Oxide Red and Sirius) available for the launch to demonstrate the exceptional finish and effect.

The new design option is a result of Tata Steel’s continued dedication to product development, optimising the existing clearcoat top layer of Colorcoat Prisma®’s unique three-layer structure to deliver added aesthetic value. While the core of the pre-finished steel product remains the same, the textured layer utilises a thicker, optimised clearcoat (5 microns thicker than the standard clearcoat). Unique to Tata Steel, this thicker top coat provides additional protection against deterioration, with good colour stability as an alternative some natural material choices and access to the industry-renowned 40-year Confidex® Guarantee. 

Speaking about the launch, Dr Peter Barker, Manager of, New Product Development at , Tata Steel said: “Here at Tata Steel, we are always looking for ways that we can offer our customers more and ensure we take into account market demands. Our range of steel building products are designed to help push the boundaries of architectural design and enable the creation of beautiful buildings for future generations to enjoy. 

“Following the development of Colorcoat Prisma®’s existing three-layer system, we are excited to introduce this new textured finish to the market - the most matt product we have produced to date, with gloss levels at less than 5%. Ideal as both a walling and roofing solution for many sectors - including commercial, residential, public and distribution - it provides a robust yet beautiful aesthetic, while adding a new twist to our existing Metallic and Solid shades.”

Colorcoat Prisma® is one of the pre-finished steel products offered by Tata Steel, which combines outstanding aesthetics with long-lasting, durable performance. As a result of Tata Steel’s innovative three-layer manufacturing technology and Galvalloy® metallic coating, Colorcoat Prisma® pushes the boundaries for UV performance and outperforms the highest European corrosion resistance standards, which includes the new Textured offering. Fully REACH compliant and supportive of BREEAM and LEED certification, Colorcoat Prisma® has also achieved an A+ VOC classification, according to EN ISO 16000-9.

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