20 September 2021

Tata Steel expands greenhouse product offering in response to growing demand

Tata Steel launches new 42mm diameter size offering for its Forcas® precision steel tube

Tata Steel, one of Europe’s leading steel manufacturers, is pleased to announce the launch of a new 42mm diameter size offering for its Forcas® precision steel tube, recognised for its use as a crop heating system in commercial greenhouse applications.

Forcas main


Forcas®, Tata Steel’s thin-walled steel precision tube, is ideally suited for installation in greenhouse heating systems, a vital element designed to help increase crop yield and improve product quality. Whereas Forcas® was previously only available in a 28mm or 35mm diameter, following the product’s success and recent increased demand from the market sector for larger diameters, Tata Steel has now begun to also manufacture the precision steel tube in 42mm.

With commercial greenhouses increasing in capacity, the new size offering provides architects, heating installers and greenhouse builders with extra flexibility in terms of design potential, in addition to delivering a greater heating capability compared to the smaller 28mm or 35mm pipe systems.

Bjorn Kimmel, Account Manager at Tata Steel said: “Our Forcas® heating tube system has shown great success over previous years, favoured for the high-quality steel, corrosion resistance, ease of installation and accompanying range of accessories; making it easier for both greenhouse builders and farmers to expand the system as and when required, without the need for welding or painting. By introducing the new 42mm diameter precision tube to the market, we’re providing our customers with a greater range of products to suit their specific project requirements.”

Forcas® is manufactured from carbon steel, which has been externally thermally galvanised, providing superior protection against corrosion, and a top white powder coating, meaning that no painting is required post-installation. What’s more, the new size system is just as quick and easy to install as its predecessors, with integrated connectors already attached and a wide range of additional fittings available, as well as being lightweight, cost-effective and easy to maintain.

For more information, please contact Bjorn Kimmel at bjorn.kimmel@tatasteeleurope.com

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