05 June 2020

Tata Steel introduces sustainable guide for building envelopes

In an effort to aid the construction industry in reducing its environmental impact and to help architects and specifiers achieve their vision of a sustainable built environment, Tata Steel is delighted to introduce its ‘Colorcoat® Life Building Guide to sustainable building envelope design’.

Available online as an interactive e-book or to download, the comprehensive guide provides information on the key design and construction considerations necessary to achieve a sustainable, steel-intensive building and tackles critical factors in environmental influencers.


Using a fabric first approach, it provides guidance on the use of building envelope solutions and pre-finished steel products to help deliver effective, durable and environmentally friendly buildings. It also demonstrates how sustainability credentials can easily be incorporated into projects from the outset and discusses the importance of taking a life-cycle approach to building product specification. 

Split into four sections, including a detailed introduction to the issue of sustainability, each main chapter covers a different aspect to consider when working to create a truly sustainable building: ‘Environmental considerations for material and system selection’, ‘Material considerations’ and ‘Reducing risk.’ As well as containing technical and regulatory information, it also features case studies, videos, discussions around circular economy and information on Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs) and green building schemes. 

Commenting on the launch, Barry Rust, Marketing Manager – Energy and Sustainability at Tata Steel, said: “In order to truly transform the face of the construction industry and the built environment, sustainability in today’s world must deliver and mean far more than just a tick in a box at the planning stage. Understanding its importance is key in encouraging a different approach. It is for this reason that we chose to develop the Colorcoat® Life Building Guide, allowing us to share our best practice knowledge and expertise in a way that people could easily access and digest. We wanted the guide to take a holistic view on implementing sustainable practices in construction and provide clarity on how durable buildings can be created that deliver both positive living and working spaces and also value for the client, as well as contributing towards a more sustainable future.” 

The Colorcoat® Life Building Guide is available to view online here.

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