19 April 2016

Tata Steel launches new innovative colour navigation system Colorcoat® Compass

Tata Steel has launched a unique and revolutionary colour system that easily and quickly navigates specfiers to the right Colorcoat® pre-finished steel product and shade for their metal roofing or wall cladding project.

Colorcoat® Compass is the first system of its kind in the European building envelope market – and is available now, via Tata Steel’s building envelope representatives and key Supply Chain Partners. 


Colorcoat® Compass is an innovative all encompassing digital system that works alongside a specially developed colour measuring instrument to return a detailed colour scan. Almost any object can be scanned and the colour matched within seconds. Whether that’s another building material, a client’s corporate colours or maybe even a piece of fruit or your coffee cup for inspiration!

Colorcoat® Compass provides detailed information on each colour to show whether there is an exact match within the standard Colorcoat HPS200 Ultra® and Colorcoat Prisma® colour ranges, or a previously matched colour through the bespoke Repertoire® colour selection, as well as details on the available Confidex® Guarantee based on building location, application and colour.

The system also features a useful RAL colour search function and furthermore by working with leading colour experts, the system can also suggest complementary colours. The RAL look-up feature enables Tata Steel’s building envelope representatives to quickly search the colour database using RAL classic, RAL design and British Standard colour codes with the full RAL libraries loaded into the system. Metal hand samples of all these colours can be ordered directly from the system.

David Hanson, Director Colors Coil Sales, Building Envelope said: “Colorcoat® Compass is a revolutionary new system that utilises innovative technology commonly seen in the B2C market. It provides a wealth of information all in one place, quickly and easily navigating specifiers through the colour specification process. With the Colorcoat® Compass, users can make an informed colour choice within minutes - based on availability, feasibility and level of guarantee.”

For more information on Colorcoat® Compass or to arrange a visit from your local representative to see the new tool in action please contact the Colorcoat Connection® helpline on +44 (0) 1244 892434 or [email us].

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