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Distribution case study, Colorcoat HPS200 Ultra®

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Location - Spain

Sector - Distribution

Product - Colorcoat HPS200® (now superceded by Colorcoat HPS200 Ultra®)

Colour Walls - Poppy Red

Client - Distribuciones Hosteleras Torrijos S. L.

Architect - Jose Agustin Ruiz Cruelles

Main Contractor - Aislamientos y Cubiertas Gonzalez

System Manufacturer - Metalpanel

Year - 2008

Environment - Inland

Confidex® Guarantee - 20 Years

This distribution warehouse by Distribuciones Hosteleras Torrijos (DHT) in Toledo, Spain, is a dramatic example of the use of our Colorcoat HPS200® pre-finished steel. The brightly panelled building makes a striking statement in red, reflecting the corporate image of the Coca-Cola Company who DHT distributes products for in Spain. 

The challenge

Designed by architect Jose Augustin Ruiz Cruelles, the key requirement for the new central warehouse was to ensure that the building envelope matched the vibrant rich red of the Coca-Cola brand and that the colour would not fade under the strong Spanish sun.

“We required a durable building that would stand the test of time and still be visually appealing. Colorcoat HPS200® was better suited to the environment than comparable pre-finished steel products, which are not able to offer the same level of long-term durability or guarantee.” Distribuciones Hosteleras Torrijos S. L.

The solution

There was only one choice for the exterior that was a close enough match to the crucial corporate colours, Colorcoat HPS200® (now superceded by Colorcoat HPS200 Ultra) in Poppy Red. This was specifically chosen by DHT to ensure the building’s colours are as true to the brand as the distinctive taste. The red profiles were mixed with white in an asymmetrical pattern on the frontage of the building to create a distinctive facade.

The availability of just the right shade of red wasn’t the only reason Colorcoat® was the flavour of choice for DHT. Tata Steel was one of the first companies to launch a guarantee in Europe for its pre-finished steel – ensuring every panel used is backed up by the market-leading
Confidex® Guarantee for up to 30 years in Zone 2 countries for industrial and commercial buildings.

A revolutionary coating system means each sheet of the Colorcoat HPS200® has outstanding colour stability and gloss retention, to keep the Poppy Red colour as vibrant as the day it was manufactured.

DHT is a major distribution partner in Spain for Coca-Cola, the largest non-alcoholic drinks company in the world. Thanks to the exterior branding on its warehouse achieved with Colorcoat HPS200®, there’s no mistaking the importance DHT plays in ensuring Coca-Cola’s products continue to flow into the glasses of thirsty consumers across the country.

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