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Insustrial case study, Colorcoat HPS200 Ultra®, Advantica® L Control

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The installation went very well and the programme went according to plan. Advantica L control is an excellent durable product, great for clean-down purposes in a very strict hygiene environment.
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Phillip Montgomery, Account Manager, Hemsec
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Client/Building Owner: Fayrefield Foods

System Manufacturer – Internal: Hemsec Panel Technologies

System type: Sandwich panels

Installer - Internal: JBJ Insulations Limited

Colorcoat® products used: Colorcoat HPS200® – External, Advantica® L Control – Internal

Colours: Albatross (RAL 240 80 05) (exterior) White (interior)

Year: Original build in 2000, with internal refurbishment in 2013

This industrial unit was originally constructed in the year 2000 to house car parts for an automotive company. When the storage unit became surplus to requirements it was purchased by Fayrefield Foods as a food processing and storage facility.

The refurbishment of the building involved a complete fit-out of the interior to meet Fayrefield’s exacting standards for processing, packing and storing of their dairy products.

The challenge

To provide a building interior using a PIR sandwich panel system to create a hygienic, functional, airtight and cleanable safe environment for the production and processing of food stuffs.

The solution

Over 10,000m2 of Hemsec Panel Technology’s Internal PIR sandwich panel system was used for the internal fit out of this refurbishment project.

Advantica® L Control was specified to be used throughout the interior of the processing and storage areas in order to achieve the strict level of hygiene required for such an environments as well as provide durability and longevity of product.

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