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Commercial case study, Colorcoat HPS200 Ultra®

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Location: Roeselare, West-Flanders
Country: Belgium
Client: Poco Loco, division of PAULIG Group
Year: 2016
Architect: Frederik Pieters from Bureau Partners
Project: Automated high stack warehouse with the docking building
Total building size: 24,000m²
Cladding size: 10,500m²
Product: Colorcoat HPS200 Ultra®
Colour: Chili and White
Environment: Inland
Confidex® Guarantee: 40 Years

The snack food supplier Poco Loco required the construction of a high-stack warehouse across the road from their current production site in Roeselare (BE) to enable them to keep their finished inventory separate from their production and materials.  

This fully automated warehouse will mainly be used for the storage of the Tortilla wraps and crisps and includes a docking building, offices and social premises. Between the new and the current location, the architect designed an air-bridge to allow easy access between the two sites.

The new building has a total size of 24,000m² and is clad with 10,500m² of sandwich panels. The steel sandwich panel construction was chosen by the architect for its lightweight benefits, and given the bright colour choice, the client opted resolutely for the cladding system to be manufactured using Colorcoat HPS200 Ultra® pre-finished steel which has a Galvalloy® metallic coating to provide exceptional corrosion resistance, and excellent UV resistance to withstand the external elements. These factors in combination with the cover provided by the Confidex® Guarantee for Colorcoat HPS200 Ultra® were the decisive factors for Poco Loco, who chose to use the colours Chili and White from the pre-finished steel range. (if you are interested in the [whole colour pallet] please download the colour card).

Now, Poco Loco, the owner of this building, can enjoy a 40 year peace of mind guarantee direct from Tata Steel for their building. The architect is proud of having designed an iconic building that can be admired from a distance, while it also fully engages with and complements the production space. 

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