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CA Building Products is a part of CA Group Limited and is a Colorcoat® supply chain partner. They provide all aspects of the metal building envelope, from design concept to project completion and offers system guarantees for up to 40 years supported by the Confidex® Guarantee from Tata Steel.

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Offering guarantees up to 40 years and high levels of customer service, CA Building Products are one of the UK’s leading manufacturers of cladding solutions. A “one stop shop” for all aspects of roof and wall cladding systems and bespoke fabrications that meet the design and installation requirements of specifiers, contractors and clients.

Twin-Therm® Built Up Roof and Wall Cladding System on installation is both Non-Fragile and fully walkable for the duration of its guaranteed life. Twin-Therm® delivers U-values as low as 0.14W/m²K, by increasing the depth of construction without the need for additional components and air permeability tests on buildings featuring the system have measured as low as 0.33m³/hr.m². Twin-Therm® comes with a full system guarantee of up to 40 years. The entire system, and not only its constituent parts, has been independently verified and carries Agrément certification and the Loss Prevention Certification Board (LPCB) accreditation.

Twin-Therm® Quantum is a self-curved roof design running from gutter to gutter. It incorporates all of the features and benefits of the standard Twin-Therm® system plus the added benefit of lower apex heights over a standard curved roof.

Twin-Therm® Griffon® uses the principles of the Twin-Therm® Quantum’s self-curved design across the apex of the roof to achieve the required external sheet end lap either side of apex. Once at the required end lap pitch, it flows into a straight pitch design with every end lap thereafter being set at the same pitch.

Twin-Therm® Chronus® ‘Chill Stores' are a common use for steel framed buildings. A typical internal temperature of a 'Chill Store' starts at 0-2°C up to 5-8°C. To achieve these figures air tightness of the structure is vital. The Twin-Therm® Chronus specification is an enhanced version of the market leading Twin-Therm® Roof & Wall Cladding system. Twin-Therm® Chronus is specially designed to meet 'Chill Store' requirements.

River-Therm® Secret Fix Roof and Wall Cladding System is a built-up, site assembled secret fix roofing system with a unique geometric locking action allowing for foot pressure installation. Its incorporated drainage channel enables the manufacture and installation of roof sheets up to 180m in length. On-site mobile production units, craned to roof height, remove the need for end laps on long slopes.

SolarWall® - Transpired Solar Collector (TSC) is a solar air heating system that utilises solar radiation to deliver naturally warmed fresh air into buildings.

Prime Rainscreen Systems are manufactured in a variety of materials and a choice of colours with a number of fixing methods and panel designs to suit every project. Complemented by a fully compatible engineered support frame, the whole package has been designed with minimal fixings for ease of installation.

  • Prime TFX – Through Fix System
  • Prime RFX – Recessed Fix System
  • Prime SFX – Secret Fix System
  • Prime HPX – Hook & Pin System


The complete range of building envelope systems from CA Building Products are designed and manufactured to the highest quality standards including ISO 9001 & ISO 14001 and are subject to continuous development and independent testing & certification including:

  • Independent Agrément Certification
  • Environmental Product Declarations (EPD’s)
  • Non-fragility
  • LPCB Certificate of Product Approval LPS 1181
  • LPCB Certificate of Product Approval LPS 1208
  • LPCB Certificate of Product Approval LPS 1175
  • Secured By Design
  • Factory Mutual approval FM 4411 Cavity Wall Systems
  • Factory Mutual approval FM 4471 Class 1 Panel Roofs
  • Factory Mutual approval FM 4431 Skylights
  • CE Certificate of Conformity EN-1090-1-2009

Visit: https://www.cagroup.co.uk/

A comprehensive range of technical information is available for download from our Resource Hub: www.cagroup.co.uk/resourcehub


CA Building Products’ Technical Support team are available to help with all CA Building Products systems and products. The team also offer full product training courses and on-site support to ongoing projects.

A range of product specific (Type III externally verified) EPDs that comply with EN 15804 and ISO 14025 standards are available across CA Building Products range – these are available to download from https://www.tatasteeleurope.com/construction/download-centre/environmental-product-declarations  for system data that is not covered by these EPDs please contact CA Building Products for more information. 

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