Supporting Confidex Sustain® - EPD's

To calculate the impact of the Colorcoat® pre-finished steel cladding system we have a series of EPDs

Tata Steel has an ongoing commitment to reduce CO2 emissions association with pre-finished steel manufacture. This is reflected in the Environmental Product Declarations that we publish and review periodically.

The EPD’s provide a summary of the environmental performance of each Colorcoat® assessed system using or during each stage of its life.

The EPDs listed below are for our supply chain partner’s products when using Colorcoat® pre-finished steel for the specification and U-value noted. For any specification that varies from these noted please contact the supply chain partner directly. The EPD’s have also been created through our third party verified scheme.

CA Group EPD's

Tata Steel's [Building Systems] EPD's

Euroclad EPD's

Eurobond EPD's

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