28 May 2020
Celsius® hollow section design app

Celsius® hollow section design app

celsius tata steel structural hollow sections app designer

In partnership with the Steel Construction Institute, Tata Steel is delighted to announce the launch of a brand new app for the quick and easy sizing of Celsius® hot finished hollow sections to EN 10210 and EN 1993.

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Developed to complement the original ‘Blue Book’ website, the new and innovative Celsius® Structural Hollow Sections Design app works to automatically calculate the available steel section sizes, based on a project’s specific loading requirements, and allows the user to efficiently assess alternative specifications, saving valuable time.

The app uses actual effective length and input loads to calculate the best-match section sizes, so eliminating the guesswork involved with the traditional tabular approach. What’s more, users can now apply filters on the app, such as specifying a maximum or minimum size within the calculation, making it even easier to further control the information provided.

The app lists results based on structural efficiency, including the relevant technical details for each, providing structural engineers with all necessary information in one place and allowing for quick, efficient and informed decisions to be made about the steel section – saving valuable time and effort. Users of the app can easily save their results by simply emailing the details direct to themselves for future reference.

Where to download?

The Celsius® Hollow Section Design app is available to download from Apple’s App Store and Google Play.

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