28 May 2020
Tata Steel launches new A1 fire rated façade system

Tata Steel launches new A1 fire rated façade system

Tata Steel has launched Urban Seam® Façade, a new A1 fire rated steel standing seam cladding system that delivers a modern aesthetic and importantly, exceeds the fire safety standards set by the updated building regulations.

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As a development of the Colorcoat Urban® range of products, the façade system has been engineered with the needs of residential developers and contractors in mind, Urban Seam® Façade is suitable for use on buildings over 18m high with a residential purpose where all external cladding elements must have a reaction to fire rating of A2 or better to meet the requirements of Building Regulations.

The system consists of a high-quality standing seam mounted on a profiled steel deck. This is fixed to the building using a helping-hand rail and bracket mechanism attached to a standard steel frame system. The profiled steel deck replaces the continuous plywood or OSB backing board usually used in fully supported standing seam cladding systems. The new system has an improved reaction to fire rating of A1 and provides an ideal solution for use on residential apartment blocks, for both new build and retrofit projects.

Urban Seam® Façade is manufactured from high-quality Colorcoat Prisma® pre-finished steel and features a Galvalloy® metallic coating for exceptional corrosion resistance and cut edge protection. It is available in 29 different colour options to meet the design requirements of any residential development and provide a real alternative to aluminium composite material (ACM) cladding. It is also significantly lighter and simpler to install when compared to brick slip façade systems.

Furthermore, the complete Urban Seam® Façade system has been independently tested to Centre for Window & Cladding Technology (CWCT) standards. The large-scale test assessed the system’s performance in relation to wind resistance, impact resistance and water tightness, including dynamic pressure tests.

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Tata Steel has partnered with several leading contractors in the UK and Urban Seam® Façade is already in use on a range of projects across the country.

“We are delighted to be launching Urban Seam® Façade to the market,” said Gordon Crichton at Tata Steel. “For many years there has been a growing demand for cladding systems with improved fire performance. This has only intensified in recent years with increased scrutiny on façade specifications, especially from the insurance industry.

“Our Urban Seam® Façade system provides a safe, durable and easy to install alternative to both ACM cladding and brick-slip façades alongside the excellent design flexibility offered by the extensive colour palette.”

To find out more about Urban Seam® Façade click here.

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