ComFlor 60
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EN-Construction-Product-ComFlor 60 | Benefits

  • Long span and versatile: The combined trapezoidal and re-entrant profile provides the benefits of easy service hanging, good shear interaction and long spans.
  • Low concrete and steel usage: A low volume of concrete is needed reducing weight and steel requirement.
  • Central stud placement: Shear studs are placed centrally in the troughs to ensure beneficial placement.
  • Closed ends: Applied in the factory to close off the profile, particularly suitable for pre-studded beams.
  • Better for Health and Safety: The profile is 600mm cover as recommended by Health and Safety guidelines to allow a lighter weight sheet which reduces strain on installation operatives.

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Airios in Veldhoven The Netherlands Tata Steel ComFlor, composite floor deck

EN-Construction-Product-ComFlor 60 | Volume and weight

Volume and weight

ComFlor® 60 Composite slab - volume and weight (EC values)

    Weight of concrete (kN/m2)
Slab depth
volume (m3/m2)
Normal weight concrete Lightweight concrete
Wet Dry Wet Dry
110 0.078 - - 1.57 1.49
120 0.088 2.21 2.12 1.77 1.68
130 0.098 2.46 2.36 1.97 1.87
140 0.108 2.71 2.60 2.17 2.06
150 0.118 2.96 2.84 2.37 2.25
160 0.128 3.21 3.08 2.57 2.44
170 0.138 3.46 3.32 2.77 2.63
180 0.148 3.71 3.56 2.97 2.82
190 0.158 3.96 3.80 3.17 3.01
200 0.168 4.21 4.04 3.37 3.20
210 0.178 4.46 4.28 3.57 3.39
220 0.188 4.71 4.52 3.77 3.58
250 0.218 5.46 5.24 4.37 4.15


1. Deck and beam deflection (ie, ponding) is not included in the table.

2. Deck and mesh weight is not included in the weight of concrete figures.

3. Eurocode density of concrete is taken as:

Normal weight (wet) 25 kN/m3

Normal weight (dry) 24 kN/m3

Lightweight (wet)     20 kN/m3

Lightweight (dry)     19 kN/m3

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EN-Construction-Product-ComFlor 60 | Section properties and design notes

Section properties and design notes

ComFlor® 60 (S350) Section properties (per metre width)

Nominal thickness
Design thickness (mm) Cross section area (mm2/m) Profile weight (kN/m2) Height to neutral axis (mm) Moment of inertia
Ultimate moment capacity (kNm/m)
Sagging Hogging Sagging Hogging
0.90 0.86 1276 0.10 33.70 92.77 86.13 9.30 7.50
1.00 0.96 1424 0.11 33.75 106.15 97.95 11.27 9.36
1.20 1.16 1721 0.14 33.85 132.91 121.60 15.21 13.07

Design notes:

Deck material
Tata Steel Galvatite®, hot dip zinc coated steel to BS EN 10346 S280GD+Z275, with guaranteed minimum proof strength of 280N/mm2 and zinc coating of total mass 275g/m2 (including both sides). This is sufficient for internal floors in a non-aggressive environment, which satisfies the requirement in clause 4.2 BS EN 1994-1-1 - the exposed surfaces of the steel decking shall be adequately protected to resist the particular atmospheric conditions. A zinc coating, if specified, should conform to the requirements of BS EN 10346. The specification may be varied, depending on service conditions.

Anti-crack mesh
As a minimum requirement where the control of crack width is of no interest, BS EN 1994-1-1, 9.8.1(2) recommends that, where continuous slabs are designed as simply-supported in accordance with BS EN 1994-1-1, 9.4.2(5), the cross-sectional area of the anti-crack reinforcement above the ribs should be not less than 0.2% of the cross-sectional area of the concrete above the ribs for un-propped construction, and 0.4% of this cross-sectional area for propped construction. The mesh specified in the quick reference Eurocode tables, complies with this clause.

Where forklift truck (or other similar concentrated loading) is expected, 0.5% minimum percentage reinforcement should be used over the supports and the previous stated percentages elsewhere to control cracking. For further information refer to SCI AD150.

In accordance with Steel Construction Institute (SCI) P300 ‘Composite Slabs and Beams Using Steel Decking: Best Practice for Design and Construction, a nominal cover of 25mm is stated for an exposure level XC1, for all concrete cylinder strengths for both normal (C25/30 to C40/50) and lightweight concrete (LC25/28 to LC32/35). This nominal cover of 25mm is the minimum cover of 15mm plus a fixing tolerance of 10mm.

Supporting beam width
For all ComFlor® 46 load/span tables, the width of the support beam used is assumed to be 152mm.

Fire design
The capacity of a composite slab with nominal anti-crack mesh in fire is calculated in accordance with Steel Construction Institute NCCI PN005 ‘Fire resistance design of composite slab’. Two fire-design methods can be used in the ComFlor® 9 software, namely ‘Mesh and Deck Fire Method’ or ‘Bar Fire Method’. For further details of the performance of composite slabs with nominal anti-crack mesh in fire, please contact the technical team.

Design support
The Technical Department at Tata Steel offers a comprehensive advisory service on design of composite flooring, which is available to all specifiers and users. Should queries arise which are not covered by this literature or by the ComFlor® 9 software, please contact us.

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EN-Construction-Product-ComFlor 60 | Load span tables

Load span tables

Our Load Span tables are designed to optimise the span in the construction stage, with the minimum amount of anti-crack reinforcement required by the relevant design code, while also considering the minimum requirements for the various imposed loading and fire resistance periods.

For more information on our ComFlor® 60 Load Span parameters see our product downloads below.

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EN-Construction-Product-ComFlor with FibreFlor | ComFlor® 9.0.34 software

ComFlor® 9.0.34 software

ComFlor® 9.0.34 Software analyses each of the ComFlor® composite floor decks in construction stage, service stage and for fire resistance, under a wide range of loading configurations.

Design principles are in accordance with the appropriate parts of BS 5950 : Part 4 (1994), Part 6 (1995), Part 8 (1991) For design to the Eurocodes, the design principles are in accordance with EN 1994-1-1 and EN 1994-1-2:Eurocode 4. The design checks performed by the program cover the construction stage, the normal design stage and fire.

The slab may be propped or unpropped during construction and may also span over one or more permanent or temporary supports. In the double span case, the spans may be equal or unequal. At the normal design stage, however, the slab is always assumed to be simply supported between permanent supports. The slab is assumed to span only in the direction of spanning of the decking i.e. two-way spanning floors are not covered.

How to download ComFlor® 9.0.34 Software

1) Download Version 9.0.34 here

2) Install Version 9.0.34

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To download ComFlor® 9.0.34 software for the Middle East only

A version of this software, using customary dimensions for the Middle East market, is available and can be downloaded here.

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