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We pioneered our vehicle restraint system back in 1962. Over 50 years on, we are still leading the way.

Our generation of systems provide enduring benefits for road users and the highways industry.

We offer a vast range of high quality precision-engineered systems backed by first class technical support. Our vehicle restraint systems offer end-to-end solutions to meet the long-term needs of the highways industry.

Protect 365® and Vetex™ are designed to work together to provide a seamless highways containment system.


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Crash barriers 06
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EN-Construction-Product-Highway barriers - Open box beam safety barrier

Open box beam safety barrier
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EN-Construction-Product-Highway barriers - Open box beam safety barrier | OBB systems

OBB systems

<p>Tata Steel Construction Products can manufacture and supply all aspects of the non-proprietary Open Box Beam (OBB) and Double Rail Open Box Beam (DROBB) road safety barrier systems. Normally we can deliver standard products direct from stock.</p> <p><span>Designed for use on the road edge and central reservation of motorways and high-speed roads where a barrier stiffer than corrugated beam safety barrier is required. It is appropriate for protecting such hazards as lighting columns, bridge piers and retaining walls.</span></p>

EN-Construction-Product-Highway barriers | Barrier information

Barrier information

<p><strong>Safety First</strong><br/>Our vehicle restraint systems whole-heartedly embrace the spirit and intent of the EN1317 Standard and the ethos of passive safety. Through rigorous development and comprehensive evaluation and testing we have produced a suite of systems that are widely recognised as a major safety achievement. The high-energy absorption of both Vetex™ and Protect 365® during impacts, has been proven to minimise injury levels and increase the safety of drivers and passengers.</p> <p><strong>Flexible application </strong><br/>Our family of road restraint products has been expertly designed to integrate together effortlessly. Our fully compatible range has grown into a complete end-to-end system that uniquely blends parapet and safety fence with congruent transitions for use in a variety of areas where safety is critical. The high-energy absorption design ensures that all our products are ideal for both refurbishment and new build projects.</p> <p><strong>Lifetime Value</strong><br/>All our highways products offer lifetime value; our systems have been developed to perform with modern-day vehicles to stay ahead of tightening requirements for road restraint systems. Through careful selection of system components and fixing materials we have ensured minimal maintenance together with quick and easy post-incident repairs. Combined with improvements to ease and aid installation, our families of vehicle restraint systems are products for today that will serve road users into the future.</p> <p><strong>Tested and approved</strong><br/>We pride ourselves on rigorous research and development across our product range and continuously ensure that every aspect of our design is extensively tested to meet or exceed industry standards. In-depth product testing undertaken by MIRA Ltd has proven that all our Highways products are engineered to withstand a gruelling range of impact testing. Those tests also proved the accuracy of the advanced computer modelling system that we have developed in order to optimise our product designs and give our customers the assurance that we have engineered our products to be safe and not just to pass tests compliant to EN 1317.</p> <p>We utilised our core strengths in steel together with our considerable experience within the automotive and construction engineering sectors to develop vehicle restraint systems using rigorous methodology. Both Vetex™ and Protect 365® systems are recognised and approved by the UK Highways Agency and the National Roads Authority (Eire).</p> <p><strong>Material Knowledge</strong><br/>In the drive to deliver performance, we have exploited our material expertise, drawing on the experience of Tata Steel Research &amp; Development group with its state of the art materials testing facilities. Our expertise has enabled us to produce vehicle restraint systems that are value engineered and designed for high-energy absorption and maximum vehicle occupant protection.</p> <p><strong>Industry know-how</strong><br/>Our material expertise has been combined with considerable experience of both the construction and automotive industries. Tata Steel Automotive Engineering, part of Research, Development and Technology, continues to play a key role in the optimisation of our product design. Located at the International Automotive Research Centre in the University of Warwick, this advanced engineering group provides automotive and material expertise to our customers.</p> <p>This team use computer-assisted engineering and Finite Element Analysis to simulate performance and behaviour of steel within all elements of our product design. This high-speed computer based environment has allowed us to simulate a multiplicity of impact scenarios and system combinations during the development of both Vetex™ and Protect 365® systems.</p> <p><strong>Sharing strength</strong><br/>The EN1317 Standard is generic and open to interpretation. Our close involvement in safety standard working groups means we are in a strong position to appreciate its full intent. We are represented on the relevant national and European committees and take a proactive role in advancing the Standard requirements.</p>