02 May 2022
Latest Tata Steel UK Covid measures

Latest Tata Steel UK Covid measures


Thankfully, the impact of the virus on people’s health and wellbeing is now lessening, with the number of positive cases across our sites continuing to decline. 


However, it remains critically important we continue to make every effort to make sure our workplaces are as safe as possible, for every one of us. With that in mind – and in line with the latest national advice – we have updated our own Covid measures.

From today we are: 

  • Relaxing existing controls around the use of facemasks and social distancing.
  • Advising that Lateral Flow Tests (LFTs) need only be taken to attend large meetings; for example, where people are coming together from different locations or there are multiple groups of colleagues from different departments gathering (subject to local risk assessment) – this is to avoid any potential cluster events.
  • As with any infectious condition, if you are symptomatic or you have returned a positive LTF or Covid test, you must not come into the workplace. Continue to use the Covid Reporting Form and report Covid as part of the normal absence procedure – this will enable greater visibility of positive cases.

The above measures are being introduced across the UK.

While this is a positive step forward, as we re-emerge from two years of imposed restrictions and learn to live and work in a post-Covid world, we cannot take our eye off the ball and must continue to exercise caution to keep each other safe. 

It is, therefore, important to remind you to continue to:

  • Maintain good practice around ventilation, cleaning and hygiene standards – please reference the HSE guidance on ventilation.
  • Conduct local risk assessments and consider relevant control measures related to Covid-19, including wearing a facemask when carrying out close quarter working.
  • Refer to local site standards around the use of facemasks in shared vehicles.
  • Wear a facemask if it makes you feel more comfortable. Anyone who chooses to wear a facemask should feel entirely comfortable doing so and it is important we all respect people’s individual views.

We are continually monitoring the impact of Covid on the business and if we see cases starting to rise – either generally across the UK or at a specific site – then controls may be reimposed to prevent further cases and to maintain business continuity.

Thank you again for your continued support and discipline.

Ian Russon

Director, Health & Safety