06 March 2008
Corus' Distribution & Building Systems Division re-organises Building Products Activities under 'one roof'

Corus' Distribution & Building Systems Division re-organises Building Products Activities under 'one roof'

Corus' Distribution and Building Systems Division (CD&BS) will bring together its existing European building products activities, which had been previously organised regionally, under one Business Unit to be known as 'Corus Building Systems'.

This move will help the Division achieve its ambitious value creation goals by exploiting synergies, expanding its range of differentiated value-added products and offering improved services to customers.

Andrew Black, currently Managing Director Corus Building Systems, Nordic is appointed Managing Director of the new Business Unit, reporting to Scott MacDonald, Division Director, CD&BS. Corus Building Systems (CBS) will be established with effect from 1 April 2008 and will comprise:

  • SAB Profiel, The Netherlands and Germany
  • Fisher Profil, Germany
  • Montana, Switzerland
  • Catnic and Profiles, UK
  • CBS France
  • CBS Nordic
  • Corus Kalpinis Simos, JV with Kalpinis Simos of Greece
  • Corus Building Systems Bulgaria, JV with Horizont-Ivanov of Pleven, Bulgaria

In addition, CD&BS's distribution activities in France and Spain will be now be included in the Division's existing 'Distribution & Building Systems, Central Europe', and renamed, 'Corus Distribution Europe'.

The Division will thus have two major Distribution Units - Corus Distribution UK & Ireland and Corus Distribution Europe - in addition to the new Corus Building Systems, as well as the existing business units of Corus International, Corus Consulting and Kalzip, with Managing Directors as follows:

  • Andrew Black - Corus Building Systems
  • Alastair Aitken - Corus Distribution UK & Ireland
  • Adriaan Vollebergh - Corus Distribution Europe
  • Uwe Martens - Kalzip
  • Kieron Wilkinson - Corus International
  • Rod Jones - Corus Consulting

'This restructuring will enable us to fully capitalise on the growth and significant performance improvements of the Divison, which have been made in these businesses over the last 3 to 4 years'', said Scott MacDonald. ''The formation of Corus Building Systems will allow us to further develop synergies in our continued focus on value creation and growth to meet our ambitions, while offering more value added products and services to our customers.'

For further information please visit www.corusgroup.com or call:

Annanya Sarin, Corporate Relations: Tel. +44 (0)20 7717 4532

Corus' Distribution & Building Systems Division provides an essential link between Corus' production facilities and steel user industries through its distribution and building products businesses, its trading and project activities and worldwide network of sales offices. Corus has stockholders and service centres in various EU countries for the distribution of finished products, a number of which offer further processing facilities to sectors such as the automotive, construction and general engineering industries.

Corus' building product businesses, mainly manufacture goods used in the construction of an industrial building's external envelope. Products range from profiled steel, lintels, decking and sandwich panels to cladding for roofs and walls and other ancillary items. Corus' Kalzip business designs and manufactures complete roofs and walls (primarily from aluminium) and supplies to many high profile construction projects worldwide. Corus International consists of two major business streams, namely Trading and Projects, and is responsible for managing Corus' international network of sales offices.

Corus is Europe's second largest steel producer with annual revenues of over £11 billion and a crude steel production of about 20 million tonnes. With main steelmaking operations primarily in the UK and the Netherlands, Corus provides innovative solutions to the construction, automotive, packaging, mechanical engineering and other markets worldwide. Corus is a subsidiary of Tata Steel, the world's sixth largest steel producer. With the recent acquisition of Corus, the combined enterprise has an aggregate crude steel production capacity of around 28.1 million tonnes with approximately 82,700 employees across the four continents.