18 February 2009
Corporate News

Corus and Salzgitter cooperate on new steel product with outstanding properties

Corus and Salzgitter announce today their successful cooperation in the product development of High Strength and Ductility (HSD®) steels. The new HSD® grade will be developed for a variety of applications, in particular for components with complex geometrical structures combined with high-strength requirements.

Corus and Salzgitter have been working together since 2005 on identifying opportunities for the application of High Strength and Ductility (HSD®) steels in selected market sectors. Good progress has been made in the last four years, and programme results are promising.

Corus and Salzgitter also announce today their intention to continue and intensify their cooperation product development in the area of High Strength and Ductility (HSD®) steels based on high manganese content in the range of 15%.

This Cooperation Agreement signed today will be of significant benefit to customers in the Automotive and other industries. It governs the scope of work for both companies in sharing complementary R&D expertise to develop and optimise these products.

The new HSD® grade will be developed for several applications, including sophisticated components for mechanical engineering applications. In the Automotive sector substantial benefits can be achieved in mass reduction, improved crash resistance and by providing the automotive engineer with enhanced design freedom. This will also enhance future designs, such as electrical and hybrid architectures. Progress updates will be provided in the course of 2009.

Hans Fischer, Member of the Board Salzgitter AG, stated: “Salzgitter is looking forward to continuing its very effective and synergy-creating cooperation with Corus in the development of these outstanding innovative steel grades. HSD® steels will intensify the Salzgitter strategy to be a niche first-class supplier of high-quality steel products, meeting the market demands of the future. Next to the Automotive market, in which Salzgitter already has promising cooperation projects with key Original Equipment Manufacturers, the excellent properties of this product range also provide new and promising applications in related markets, such as engineering and transportation.  Salzgitter plans to produce these HSD® steels using the Belt Strip Casting Technology to be erected for the production of these grades at our Peine works.”

Marjan Oudeman, Executive Director Corus Strip Products Division, said: “Corus welcomes this great opportunity to work further with Salzgitter on the development of this new and innovative product range. HSD® steels represent a new era in material application for the automotive industry and will significantly contribute to the ever-increasing requirements of our customers.  Through this cooperation Corus is demonstrating its commitment to investing in new and innovative products. I am convinced that this alliance with Salzgitter is bringing about improved product offerings with a better value proposition for our customers. This is a positive step for both our companies, but the real winners are Original Equipment Manufacturers and developers who rely on our products. These new steels will help them to build lighter yet safer vehicles emitting lower volumes of CO2 and contributing to a greener environment.”


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